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If you and your pets are warm and dry this monsoon, be thankful. It’s a cold wet season for the great Indian monsoon, and seems to be getting wetter!
Pets are the lucky mutts and cats that stay warm, dry and well fed. Every natural event this year comes with a “worst in …. years” or “most sever in… decades” descriptive from our active (or over active media- social and otherwise)

Take that descriptive in the context of animal welfare or rescue. Rescue organisations essentially function under a “most severe resource crunch” all year round. It does not matter if its hot, cold, raining or snowing. Paucity of funds, food and fodder are a rescue organisations way of life. Now, we’re using the term rescue with a broad stroke here, there are numerous tags and descriptions from animal welfare worker to activist.

The truth of the matter is, no matter where in the world you are, you’re working to the same goal. A better world for the animals. Not a perfect world. A better world.

So, where do you come in? How can you help? and how easy is it to help in the digital age? You are here reading this because you have an animal, like an animal or are interested in the subject. If you fall into category one, you know how lucky your animal is, they have a home, food and lots of love. Category two people, we hear you, you likely love animals, but live in a city, or have family/ home constraints and cannot have a pet. Category three, just browsing… its a slow day at work, or raining outside and this was more interesting than my Facebook feed.

Good news, it does not matter what category you are- you can help. If you are physically able, go to your local rescue center, it does not matter how big or small it is, they need help. This fantastic new invention of the internet, allows you to holiday, and help at the same time. We’re here to make sure, you don’t feel guilty about lounging on the beach, while a shelter has run out of feeding bowls. If you are travelling, holidaying, and cannot get there, order online and have it shipped to them. And for “I’m bored, that’s why I’m here..” Great- pick a cause, or product and get involved.

Are your kids on holiday? Even better, take the kids to your local shelter.
Volunteering gives them a sense of purpose and accomplishment, it’s not a cliche. The time kids spend working with and caring for animals teaches them patience, tolerance and understanding. If we want to leave a better world for our kids, its starts with making them a part of the process.
“Hearting” photos on Instagram, does not replace hands on Work. Mucking out a kennel, we guarantee you, will give your kids a new found love of the simple act of making their beds in the morning!

But we digress… the point of this story, is to give you options to help, not just the animals, but the people who run shelters. The life of a shelter manger is not all wagging tails and puppy dog kisses. Its heartbreaking, hard work, that is endless, thankless and simultaneously rewarding.


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