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A Helpful Guide To New Cat Owners

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A Helpful Guide To New Cat Owners 

No matter how easy it looks on TV, becoming a pet parent is not for the faint of heart. But it an equally rewarding experience. 

Now that you’ve brought your cat home with you, you may be stuck wondering what to do or what you need to get to create the perfect home for your furry friend. 

Don’t worry; we’ve teamed up with the owners of to create a helpful guide to new cat owners that has all you need to get started.

As far as pets go, cats are pretty independent and usually do their own thing. However, as a new cat owner, there are certain things you should consider, preferably before the cat comes home with you.

These include:

Finding the best cat for you

When you start thinking that you want to be a cat owner, it is best to do your research beforehand.

There are many different types of cat breeds that all require an extra level of care and attention. This is good to know to help plan for how your cat will integrate into your life.

If you’re a busy person, you may want to go for a cat breed that doesn’t require a lot of attention or get a pair that can play together when you’re not around.

You also need to decide whether you prefer an older cat or a younger one with a lot more energy, or a male or female cat.

What the cat will eat

There are many different options for cat food as a new pet owner. You should choose a high-quality cat food that contains all the necessary nutrients that your furry friend needs. Try as much as possible to stick to cat food and don’t feed them human food. 

Some of what could be harmful to your cat include chocolate, raw meat, eggs and fish, onions and garlic, as well as milk and other dairy products.

Water is also essential, and you should consider setting bowls in different parts of the house for this. 

Feeding should be at set times, and your vet will help you figure out how much food your cat should be eating. This is really helpful, especially if your cat is suffering from constipation.

Where the cat will sleep

Get your cat a nice cat bed with a soft blanket for sleeping in. The cat bed design depends on the age of the cat, with older cats needing a wider bed. You can put this where you see your cat spends a lot of time in. 

Ensure that it is a quiet spot that doesn’t have a lot of activity as this could be stressful for your cat. You can also create a shelf in a sunny spot when your cat wants to nap during the day.

Playtime with the cat

Cats can be very playful, so it is good to get them as many toys as possible. It can be hard to know what your cat likes first, but you should keep buying the same type of toy they play with most.

Essentials for the cat

You need to make sure that your cat is coming home to a good environment. Other than the food, toys, a bed, and feeding bowls, cats also need to have a litter box and a scratching post. You should also get grooming materials for bathing your cat and trimming their claws.

Getting the cat checked out by a vet

Before bringing a cat into your home, it is advisable to take them to a vet first. There are a few cat immunizations, as well as neutering if your cat is old enough. Your vet will also give you advice on how to take better care of your cat’s health.

If you’re a cat owner that feels like you don’t know what you’re doing, there’s no need to worry! A helpful guide to new cat owners is here to show you know what to do to welcome your furry baby home. Thank you Amy, of for this informative and easy to follow guide!

Cover Photo by Tomas Ryant from Pexels


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