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A Murder of Crows

crow on a wall

Crows are uniquely smart birds! For cities, dense over populated, cheek by jowl… crows are probably the perfect fit. They’re adaptive, and may become shy if they are persecuted. When you visit Mumbai (India) meet our crows an incredibly bold vocal bird. They’re not shy about making their presence felt and certainly not shy about stealing food.
crows at Mumbai hanging garden
A typical pair of crows at Mumbai, Kamala Nehru Park, taking in a view of the bay

Crows are found practically all over the world. “The genus Corvus comprises crows, ravens and rooks. These birds are all part of the Corvidae family, which includes jays, magpies and nutcrackers.” (Source- -this article is a great concise fact sheet on crows)

The most interesting behaviour of crows is their human quality to investigate, the death of a member and then ‘mob’ together in a chase once they’ve identified the culprit. We cannot think of a bird better adapted to urban living! By all accounts and studies crows are a complex bird who are capable of much more than merely “cawing” A fascinating fact, “Their brain to body ratio is equivalent to that of a chimpanzee and amazingly not that far off of a human” (Source
(What is a brain to body weight ratio? Defined as the ratio of brain mass to body mass hypothesised to be a rough estimate of the intelligence of an animal- though often considered fairly inaccurate in most cases)

Should Birds be kept as Pets?
There are individuals who believe crows make good pets. Presented observations and facts make it quite believable … although would you want to take a sociable, intelligent bird and confine him/ her to a cage? As well meaning as the intention may be and we assume excellent care is taken of the bird, it does not replace natural social interactions. It also cannot replace the freedom of flight birds were born to experience. That’s why at Oliver, you will find products for birds, but no cages. If you have an injured or disabled bird you are forced to confine for treatment or its own safety we’re here to help. The bird protective collar is helpful for recovering injured birds. It stops them self mutilating if dealing with a skin disorder, or removing a dressing which to start with is a delicate.

Feeding the Crow
If you have a favourite crow who visits daily, remember, they’ve figured out you are the easiest and quickest source of food. Feed them grains, fruit or pulses. Crows are omnivores, which means they eat just about anything. Please do not feed them junk food, even if they show interest to eat it, they not designed to digest processed food. Hang a bird feeder at the window. Make sure when you do, you’re not causing an inconvenience to your neighbours or co workers! It is so important to know the needs and behaviours of the beings who share our city and country scapes. Crows have a historical and contemporary relevance to cultures and peoples across the globe. Learn more on how to attract crows, from birding enthusiasts amateur or expert, each one has an experience and knowledge to share.


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