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Animal Aid – we fix animals

Dog Wheelcahirs

On a trip to Udaipur, our friend @artbypranati visited Animal Aid Unlimited. An artist, long time dog owner, friend and saviour  to many a stray neighbourhood dog and cat. Pranati captured in picture and painting the fantastic work of  animal aid.

On the road to recovery, Jaanu, is the recipient of physiotherapy by the volunteers. A wheelchair for an injured and recovering dog like Jaanu is more than a medical device, it is an invaluable confidence booster.

Freedom of movement is the foundation of confidence building for a human being or an animal.

Think of Jaanu, on the road to recovery the next time you want to help a shelter. Wheelchairs are huge time savers for volunteers and shelter staf. Once a dog or cat is used to the chair, they tear around the compound on their own so they have fun and receive therapy all at once.

Animal Aid India has two wheelchairs, which they rotate between patients. Shelters and charitable organisations are often so focused on getting through the day, week or month to meet basic requirements- that devices like these become distant dreams.

Let’s help them make these commonplace. Why? The quicker a patient recovers and leaves the shelter, financial burdens lessen, and critical space is made available for the next set of patients.

Oliver spent a number of years volunteering; working and learning with shelters, the local animal hospital and stray cats and dogs on the streets of Mumbai, we know what medical aids and supplies mean to shelters.

Stubborn, loveable, and incredibly intelligent captured by @artbypranati

We knew when we established Oliver, it was to bring quality care to India’s animals. They no longer  need to make do, we can give our animals the best. We no longer need to improvise, or cut corners. We give them  professionally designed and manufactured products. 

Bovines by @artbypranati
One of the many species of animals treated by Animal Aid

We are in the business of fixing pets and patients, because it matters, India’s animals no longer have to make do. The next time you’re looking to help a shelter think of Jaanu and the amazing teams across the country giving these cats and dogs a second chance at a dignified life.

The wheelchairs we carry are tested, proven products. A global leader in pet rehab products, which ensures the durability and stability of the device. They are adjustable and usable for different sized cats and dogs. Contact us and make a difference to a shelters life. To Help Animal Aid India, visit them at


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