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Ill informed, first time pet owners, exploited by unscrupulous breeders and pet shops, combine to make a lethal combination. Ignorance meets greed and the losers are mercilessly discarded pet cats and dogs.

Who is a responsible breeder?
He or she is educated and knowledgable of breed, genetics, and temperament . He/she is not a self proclaimed expert masquerading as a breeder in pursuit of easy money. Responsible breeders are often dedicated to a single breed, not the flavour of the month.

Who are dangerous breeders?
Back yard breeders are not the only villains of the dog and cat breeding world. A lethal breeder is the social media star turned ‘breeder.’ Litter of puppies, dressed up for the camera makes you a business person selling a commodity. It also makes you a back yard breeder. Assisting your dog to deliver a litter and documenting the event online does not make you responsible, it fuels an already saturated market. You are monetising your pet for profit. The outcome of this are countless abandoned pets.

If you consider yourself a pet parent, this perplexed writer wants to know which of your other family numbers you purchased online?


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