Market your adoption ready dog or cat. Yes, market them, we live our lives through the lens of media. More screen time than family time! So ‘market’ your adoption ready animals where they are visible. Every road we travel is littered with a seller of services and products, charitable organisations are no different. Make no mistake if you learn How to “Market” your Adoptable Dog- you’ll see success.
We’ll walk through the tried and tested, most Googled, approaches to get your shelter cats and dogs into homes. Shelters, organisation or one person foster facility are companies looking to sell a product. Companies do not market products hesitantly- they do so with confidence. Market your adoption ready cats and dogs with confidence and unapologetically. Always stand by your product, with a full refund policy, it lowers the anxiety levels for all concerned and produces a higher success rate.

Your product is both tangible and intangible.The tangible dog or cat, must appeal to the intangible emotion of the adoptive family. How you “Market” your Adoptable Dog or Cat is the difference between extended days in a shelter v/s finding a forever home.

How you raise a foster kitten or puppy impacts the rest of its life. First time fosters, and families looking for a part time pet are not a ‘bad’ idea, just be certain they can deliver a well raised pup or kitten. No one remembers or publicises the tireless work of the rescue community- they remember the missteps and mistakes.