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Dog camp near me

dog camp near me

Dog camp near me, your goal for 2020! What fun, to have your dog tearing around a mountain side, or lake side. Running wild and free. Few sights will put a smile on your face quicker than a muddy wet dog barreling toward to you.
Before you head out into the wilderness, do your research about the dog camp, its organisers, the property and safety measures.

These are questions you need to ask your dog camp organiser:
  1. Do you have a first aid attendant?
  2. Is there a vet or a vet technician at the camp site?
  3. Where is the closest vet hospital/ clinic?
  4. Who is trained in veterinary first aid?
  5. Is there anti venom on hand?
  6. Are camp organisers trained dog behaviourists?
When a doggo camp cannot answer these questions- find another camp

1. Find another camp,
2. Prepare yourself with your own emergency supplies and knowledge

First aid attendants, are not always vets or vet technicians, they may be camp organisers who have taken the time to certify themselves in these essential first aid practices to ensure your dog is safe.

These signs indicate your dog needs medical attention and is chocking
1. Is your dog gasping for breath?
2. Can you see a blue tinge on the tongue?

Remember a dog in distress can bite, so make sure you have help when dealing with your dog. To check if an object is lodged in your dogs mouth, open the mouth with both hands.
If you can see the object remove it.
If you can see it the object but not remove it, lay your pet on its side and slap the side of their rib cage firmly 5 times. This is to force air into the lungs and help dislodge the object. If you are driving to the vet, repeat on your way there.
Know your dog breed, if you have a dog bred for retrieval like a Golden Retriever or Labrador Retriever – their function is in their name! Originally bred to fetch and bring game back to hunters. These are working dogs, so do not be surprised if they get to work when given the opportunity!

Beagles, terriers, etc all bred to be investigative dogs. Dogs follow their instincts, and it helps for you to know what to expect. So, make sure if your dog is a wanderer you have a Tracker or a training leash for your dog. If you do not camp often with your dog, ask your camp organiser what safety measures they have in place to deal with lost or run away dogs.

Swimming is great fun for you and your dog, but make sure there is safety equipment. Dog camps must have swimming vests and an organiser must be trained to perform canine CPR.
If they cannot answer these questions, please learn the basics of canine CPR. Accidental drowning for dogs is not uncommon. Dogs not used to swimming in rivers or lakes or water bodies with strong “currents or tides” can easily become victims of accidental drowning.

Your dogs heart is located on the lower half of the chest on the left hand side below the elbow of the front leg

Quick CPR Guide

Lay your dog on its right side

Press gently at a depth on 1 inch

Begin cardiac massage

It is important to first secure an airway

Do no try this on your own , unless you have been trained in basic CPR by a vet

Hopefully, this concise guide to dog camps helps you find the safest camp for your dog. Please do not attempt a safety procedure before going to your veterinarian and learning basic procedures. Don’t let amateur or untrained individuals put your dogs life or wellbeing in danger.

Printable dog camp check list
Your printable Dog Camp check list

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