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Dog Food Marketing

jack russel terrier

Dog food marketing, pay attention to pretty packaging and buzz words on slickly packaged foods.

fresh food for pets
Look at those big brown eyes, you’re going to buy anything he sells. If this face were on a bag of pet food, almost always guarantees a buy

How is marketing used to manipulate you?

dog food marketing
When you shop for your pet, never think with your heart, always think with your head.
Therefore, when you pick up a bag of food, do not read the buzz words and adorable animal photo. Do not let marketing guide your purchase. It is always fact and science that guide this purchase. And only fact and science. Food is the foundation of your pets wellbeing, so shop for them as you would yourself.

Dog Food marketing like all aspects of an exploding industry is just as the name suggests- marketing! As a discerning pet owner and family, ask all the questions you want about a food or treat. As our planet heads toward an environmental disaster, if we as a pet owners can be a part of the solution – let’s work together. Dogs are omnivores, therefore a variety of foods in isolation or combination can be incorporated into their diet. This translates into a lower carbon footprint from our pets.


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