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Dogs and Yoga

Calm minds, souls, bodies, dogs have a head start on us! Yoga centres, relaxes and rejuvenates a person… so do dogs. Try it, go out and spend a day with a shelter dog! You’ll both be calmer and happier for it. Dogs and Yoga are therapy, get yourself a good dog and a good yoga teacher and you are set.

Dogs and yoga have an interesting relationship. Allow a dog into your next yoga class and see how the dog reacts. They are calm and often will fall asleep in a corner of the classroom. However, dogs and yoga mats are also friends! Many dogs enjoy sharing your yoga mat, so maybe take an extra mat to yoga class!!

Dogs and Yoga share a connection for the naming of Yoga postures. The Dog Pose is so named for Dogs who naturally stretch their bodies in the same manner. Dog pose is one of the most recognisable yoga poses. The dog pose builds strength while stretching the body.


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