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How to Choose a Dog Walker

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How to Choose a Dog Walker – Your Introduction

If you have a dog, the last thing you want is for it to get out of your yard and into someone else’s. Or worse have them slip out of their collar and run off when on a walk! This can be a major headache, not to mention heartache if not handled properly. The good news is that there are services available now which will take care of this for you by providing dog walkers who are trained in animal safety and first aid.

Hire a dog walker from a reputable service.

The first thing to do is ensure that the dog walker you are considering has a good reputation and is insured. You can also check that they have a criminal record check, as well as having training to handle aggressive dogs and other animals.

  • Check their references: Ask around, see if anyone has worked with them before and what they thought of them (and their service). If possible ask people who live nearby if they would recommend this person as someone who could take care of your pet while you’re away from home.
  • Make sure your dog is getting enough exercise: It’s important that your pet gets plenty of exercise so he doesn’t become bored or stressed out during his daily routine with his walker!

Ask for proof of pet first aid training and carry copies of your dog’s vaccination records with you.

  • Ask for proof of pet first aid training and carry copies of your dog’s vaccination records with you.
  • Make sure the dog walker has experience with dogs and understands your pet’s personality and needs.
  • Ensure they have a good relationship with your dog, as well as a healthy respect for both their differences in size/weight and temperament (don’t hire someone who doesn’t understand this!). If possible, ask around at other dog owners’ houses before hiring someone new so that you can get a feel for how things work out between them!

Have an initial meeting before you hire the dog walker.

Before you hire a dog walker, it’s important to have an initial meeting with them. This can be done either in your home or at their place of business. Make sure that the dog walker brings their own personal ID card and insurance information in case there are any problems with your pet’s well-being after they’ve left (or if something happens while they’re on-site).

It’s also important that they have experience working with dogs like yours—you don’t want someone who doesn’t know how to handle different breeds! If possible, ask each potential employee if they’ve ever had any experience caring for other pets before; this will give you insight into whether or not this person would be able to treat yours properly when necessary.

Check the references they give you.

Check references. Just because they’re a dog-walking company, doesn’t mean they’ll do a good job with your pet. Ask for references from other clients who have used them before, or call up the service and ask them to investigate their complaints. If you find that their website is professional and well designed (which means it’s been updated recently). Go ahead and choose that one over another one that looks outdated or doesn’t have much information on it at all—even though this might cost more money upfront!


We hope that you’ve learned a lot about the best way to choose a dog walker. It can be difficult, but there are many resources online and in print for people who want to learn more about this topic. We recommend having an initial meeting with your potential pet walking service before hiring them so that both parties are comfortable with the arrangement. In addition, make sure they have insurance and first aid training as well. That way if anything goes wrong while on duty, they will have all bases covered!


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