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How to Find your Lost Cat

Persian Cat

Makes his own rules, walks his chosen path and knows dogs are dull.
He aspires to rule the world.

The best way to find a cat is never to loose one! Our feline friends remain a mystery. We are inexplicably drawn to the independence of a cat and the dependence of a dog.

An agonizing question you must ask yourself if your cat goes missing, ‘Do all missing cats want to be found?’ Exclusively indoor cats are well cared for prisoners. If your cat is a ‘door darter” (A. Fraser, Feline Behaviour and Welfare) suggests reassessing the home environment. Are there adequate resources for your cat to stay engaged? If it is a multi cat household, ensure there are individual resources (toys, litter trays, scratching posts etc) for each cat. Draw parallels to your lock down days. How does it feel? You have no freedom to leave the house, feel the lack of resources, and long for the freedom of the outdoors. You may have become your cat!

“For all the cats (indoors, indoor-outdoor, outdoors), the median distance from home was 50m, and 75% of cats were found within 500m.”

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