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How to Find your Lost Cat

Persian Cat

Take these quick steps to search for your lost cat

  1. Check the entire premises around where the cat lives which includes attics and crawl spaces in homes any easy to hide places in the garden or storage loft.
  2. If you have recently moved retrace any steps you have taken with your cat. The fact that you and your cat are in unfamiliar territory will be a hindrance.
  3. Look and listen for your cat in all nooks and corners in your home, garden, open spaces. Cats climb up trees to explore and often get stuck.
  4. Create a lost cat poster to put up in your neighbourhood and social media. You must include multiple forms of communication i.e telephone number, email, any form of communication you can access and is easy for people to respond.
  5. Connect with cat groups and cat owners locally (online and offline) they are an incredible resource and adept at spotting a cat behaving out of character.
Lost cat poster
Here is an easy to copy template for you to use, drop in your details along with a photo of your lost cat, print and post. Do not discount the value of old fashioned paper flyers, distribute them to your local shops, gardens, parks, schools etc.
Why should you offer a reward? This strategy ensures people stop and read a poster or appeal, online or offline. Be a good marketer when you search for a lost pet. Make them stop and pay attention, your aim is to maximise eyeballs for your cause.
The key to finding a lost animal is speed, the quicker you act the better your chances of finding them. A Microchip and pet GPS tracker are an investment in technology for your pets. This technology enables you remain in charge and updated of their whereabouts and safety. Think of how many times you have checked the Live Covid 19 tracker, its in real time and keeps you updated. Technology for pets has helped numerous pet owners find missing pets and take advantage of the fact that you can view your pets, cat or dog remotely.
The Covid-19 isolation exacerbates our sense of loss.We have lost control over our freedom of movement. Locked down even in your own home does not change the fact that you have no control. Currently our cats and dogs are the emotional support anchors we need.

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