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How to Introduce & Use your Purchase

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How to introduce and use your purchase is the difference between gaining all the benefits of the product versus simply using the product!
Once you’ve invested the time, effort and resources take a couple of minutes to go through these tips (based on our experience and the experience of other pet owners)
These are suggestions, not medical advice.

Each dog or cat is an individual and one size never fits all. If your purchase was a rehab aid, please consult your veterinarian before using it. You and your vet know your pets condition/ailment and personality and are the best judge of how to introduce the device. Never force a new product on an animal, let them take their time.

Rehabilitation Aids
Orto Canis, Handicapped Pets and Balto are global leaders in pet rehabilitation. This means you’ve invested in the best device for your pets. However, these devices must be used as instructed. How to use your new purchase is an initial investment of your time which will help you and your pet adjust quickly.

Care and Cleaning instructions for rehab aids
For harnesses, wraps, and soft materials use a mild detergent. Mild detergents, preferably odourless with water are all you should need to clean/ wash the product.
Wheelchairs, splints and ‘hard products’ follow the same guidelines, you may use a stronger cleaner, non acid, to clean and disinfect the product.

Introduce an aid- wheelchair, harness, wrap or splint slowly. Let your pets become familiar with the device. Smell plays an important role and is one of their primary senses, allow them to use it. Use the aid/ device for a few minutes at a time, leading up to the full time your veterinarian has advised its use.
Never leave your pets unsupervised when they are unfamiliar with the aid. This equipment is meant to ease your efforts as well! So the lift harnesses will help you as much as they help your pets!

How you introduce and use your new purchase is the difference between getting the full benefit of your rehabilitation aid and struggling to make it work. Keep these basics in mind and you can’t go wrong.
1. You vet must be involved – from deciding which aid is appropriate to fitting it on your pet
2. Introduce the aid slowly, never force it on your pet
3. Supervise your pet when they are using an aid- never leave them alone
4. Fitting – the aid/equipment should fit firmly but not tight
5. A dog or cat cannot ‘sit’ in the wheelchair and cannot be in the wheelchair for extended hours
6. Keep the aid clean as per the instructions included
7. Do not share aids between animals, each one should have their own
how to use a rehab aid for a dog


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Your pet is lucky to have a loving caring family who invested the time and effort to buy them a device to keep them safe or help them easily move around !

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