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Make sure its forevermore…

Santa Claus

As another holiday descends upon us here are a few tips for the 4 paws in your family 
Spend the holiday with them, don’t leave them at at home, if you travel, they travel with you 
A little something under the tree….  hang doggie treats high up on the tree- kitty families, we have no advice.. no one has out smarted their kitty! 
Make sure they get treats appropriate to their age and diet 
If you dress them up, please do it sensibly, keep it simple and comfortable.

Our pets have everything they need, so spread a little cheer to your neighbourhood streetie or shelter. Ask your shelter, NGO or local animal welfare group what they need and make their Christmas wish list a reality. If you are out of ideas ask us, we’ll help.

Resist the adoption appeals to open your home this season to an adorable face and wagging tail. This holiday season , ends as soon as you say ‘Happy New Year’.  Simply put if a puppy or kitten climbs out of a box under your Christmas tree, make sure its forevermore.

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