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Nosy Girls are the Best

army dogs india

Shiny black hair, big brown eyes, she takes instruction and is a super hero. Yes, she’s the perfect woman. Jaari, is an India army dog, she inducted to duty in 2018. This canine soldier sniffed out and unearthed a significant stash of arms and ammunition buried in the forests of Assam by militants. Service dogs and their handlers have a unique symbiotic relationship, one which requires few words.

How does Jaari do this? Dogs have a superior sense of smell with approximately 300 olfactory receptors. Which means a dogs sense of smell is almost 40 times greater than a human beings.

A dogs nasal cavity has two sections, one for breathing and the other for scenting. A fold of tissue divides, inhaled air into breathing and scenting.

Here’s the science “Olfactory receptors are primarily located on the ethmoturbinates of the nasal cavity. The vomeronasal organ is an additional site of odor detection that detects chemical signals that stimulate behavioral and/or physiological changes. Recent advances in the genetics of olfaction suggest that genetic changes, along with the unique anatomy and airflow of the canine nose, are responsible for the macrosmia of the species.”

Read the full report of Jaari’s impressive work here

It is not surprising that the loss of a canine soldier, or service dog is the no different to a unit than the loss of human soldier. It is one of the most heartbreaking sights you can witness. Here are police personnel, soldiers, officers, grieving like children at the loss of their dogs. Proving you can’t turn a heart to stone, it always melts for the ones that matter.


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