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Pet Hates: 3 Things That Will Annoy Your Cat

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You will know from experience that it’s a bad idea to get on the wrong side of your cat. A fierce glare, a hiss, and even a swipe of their paw will be the consequence of whatever you may have done to annoy them! Not only that, of course, but your cat might start to sulk for a while, or show signs of obvious discomfort if you do something that they aren’t happy with.

So, take note of the following, and try to avoid them to stay on your cat’s good side!

#1: Dressing up your cat

We all know how cute cats can look when they’re dressed in a Halloween or a Christmas costume, but do they really like it? And do they like wearing those other fancy dress costumes that people like to dress their cats in? Probably not. It’s perfectly okay for you to dress yourself up in the top brands of facial and dress ware, but your cats are not dolls to be messed with. 

While some cats will tolerate clothing, there are those that won’t. And this is because clothing can sometimes inhibit their ability to move around freely, and this can cause them anxiety. Some cats are sensitive about something touching their fur too, so you might notice them desperately trying to remove whatever it is you have dressed them in. 

So, let your cat move around as nature intended, with their own coat of hair, and not something that is for your entertainment only. Don’t annoy your cat for your entertainment!

#2: Not cleaning their litter tray regularly

Cats like to keep themselves clean, so a dirty litter tray is a major no-no for them. After all, put yourself in their shoes (paws), would you want to use an unclean toilet? We’re guessing not, so be sure to clean their litter trays once a day to keep them fresh and clean. By doing so, you will navigate any potential litter tray problems with your cat, as they will be more likely to use their tray if it’s clean than any other area of your home. 

#3: Petting them aggressively

Your dogs might tolerate a brisk rub of the head or belly, but your cat probably won’t. They are very sensitive to tactile stimuli, so if you pet them too hard, and if you pet them in the wrong areas, you will quite literally rub them up the wrong way! They might then turn on you with a bite or a scratch, as their way of telling you: Hands off!!

So, be alert to your cat’s body signals when petting them, as they will let you know what is and isn’t acceptable. There is some advice in the following linked article on the best way to pet your cat, so have a read before you next show your cat a little bit of love. 

Paws for thought

These are just a few of the things that will annoy your cat, so be aware of them. You love your kitty, so do consider their thoughts and feelings, and make an effort to keep your cat happy, as they will then show you lots of love in return. 

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