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“Adoptathons” rely on those irresistible must haves, they are “puppy/kitten high” festivals. They’re designed for impulse “Instagrammable moments.”
As doggie carnival season sets upon us in India and we are tripping over adoption corners for your new “furry friend”

Please keep in mind… 
Adoptathons  are fantastic places to meet & identify the animal you want to bring home… 
but a responsible adopathon makes YOU do the WORK of bringing an animal home.
Responsible adoptathons, grill you, interrogate you,  follow up & should pretty much terrify you,
but they should also make you secure in the knowledge that they are around when you need their help.
You’ve heard it before
adopting an animal is a life long commitment
simply put
Your Feel good Friday adoption, 
often becomes Manic Monday regret 





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