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Secure your Pet from Nose to Tail

secure your pet

A secure pet is a happy pet. Secure your pet from Nose to Tail. Your responsibility begins when those paws first step into your home. From infancy, adolescence and adulthood kids and pets depend on their caretakers. (Caveat kids mature into young adults and learn to fend for themselves.) Your pets never will, they are the kids who never grow up. So make sure when they need help you’re prepared.

A sick pet who cannot speak and witnessing it’s pain is one of the most stressful experiences of pet care. You’re completely helpless as your beloved dog or cat places blind trust in you and all you can do is offer them the best medical treatment available. Be prepared and plan ahead. Secure your dog’s medical needs in case of an emergency or the need to treat a chronic condition.

4 Reasons to Choose MetLife Pet Insurance

  1. We’re the only pet insurance provider that offers family plans, so you can cover all your pets under one policy.
  2. Our wait periods are among the shortest compared to other pet insurance companies.
  3. We’re here for you through every stage of pet ownership, from puppyhood to the golden years. We even have an option to cover grief counselling in the event of your pet’s death.
  4. We offer optional wellness coverage for routine checkups and vaccines.

Your peace of mind makes you a happier, involved pet carer. Once you know your pets are secured, you have time to dedicate to daily needs, routines and family time with your four legged furries!


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