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Shiba Inu, coin or canine craze?

Shiba inu cryptocurrency

Shiba Inu, coin or canine craze?

It is not uncommon for movies, advertisements or novels to influence the type of pet a family or person owns. It is however, uncommon for the stock market (think Bulls and Bears) or financial tools, or institutions to influence of all things pet ownership!

Shiba Inu is a cryptocurrency, it began in 2006 by an unknown person/ group known simply as “Ryoshi”. Created as a meme (i.e. a gag, and Shiba Inu Coin becomes a reality) A cryptocurrency is essentially virtual money. Created by encryption, making it practically impossible to counterfeit. We’re not here to discuss the ups and downs of a stock market, based on reality or virutal reality. Rather our concern is the next dog craze, from a dogge coin!

So your pet and crypto have something in common, they’re both one of a kind. Impossible to duplicate or counterfeit. Dogs like stocks may have common traits but they do not always behave the way you expect them to.

Entertainment and Companion Animal Crazes

We’ve experienced this singular breed obsession before with Dalmatian puppy sales going though the roof after the movie 101 Dalmatians. A similar phenomenon after Finding Nemo. Some studies claimed the sales of Real Clownfish went up as a result of the movie.

In India the sales of Pugs increased dramatically after a Vodafone advertisement featured the dog. Close to a decade later in India the pug is still referred to as the Vodafone Dog! This canine craze of course predates Shiba Inu coins or crypto currencies. However, the suffering of this brachycephalic breed, indiscriminately bred to meet a buyer demand continues.

Shiba Inu, coin or canine craze?

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Thank you Claire Ballentine for this piece

A flavour of month breed of dog or cat is a disaster in the making. Chances are unless you are a ‘dog person’ or involved in the animal world you were faintly aware of an ancient breed originating in Japan. And ancient they are! It is estimated that the breed may have been present in Japan in 7000 B.C. It is assumed they accompanied early immigrants. A hunting dog with quick wit and intelligence, first time dog owners will quickly become over whelmed. Like Jack Russell Terriers (JRT’s) who are a unique breed to own, train and live with. After Milo from The Mask, JRT’s were the dog to own. Hundreds of them ended up abandoned or in rescue centers because people were completely unprepared for their levels of energy and intelligence. You do not own a JRT, it owns you.

Shiba Inu Facts :

Ancient Japanese Hunting dog, one of six Sptiz breeds native to Japan.
Temperament: Stubborn, ideally train within the first year. It is important to let your puppy know his/her place in the family and acceptable behaviour. This is true of any breed or dog, but particular headstrong breeds like Huskies and Inu’s it is the dog best interest to invest the time.

Bred as a hunting dog, this muscular compact dog is a bundle of energy. Like all energetic breeds, it is important you know how to exercise them. Huskies and Inu’s fascinate humans with their almost human like ability to communicate. (Most pet families will tell you, this is true of any pet) Their expressive eyes and ‘pranky behaviour’ is fun on social media, but can be a challenge in real life.

A dog who is probably more intelligent than the average person can test the boundaries of the most ardent dog lovers. When dogs are bought or adopted as on a whim, to follow a trend, patience quickly vanishes. And the shelters are inundated with highly intelligent, badly cared for and raised dogs. Which leads to a stigma toward the breed.

Where we’re going with this is, it is not as simple as I like the look of the Shiba! How much fun would it be to own the crypto and the canine! Well the cryptocurrency is not a living breathing animal who is going to be a part of your daily routine for another decade.


There are numerous qualified Shiba Inu experts, we’re not here to discuss breed characteristics. Trends online and offline influence us more than we care to admit. As we drown in news, trends and almost unhealthy obsession to fit in, let us not forget the non human beings are hapless victims of the ‘in thing’ Please think long and hard before you bring one home, ask questions of honest pet owners who will help you understand elation and despair are common emotions to pet families. How strong your support system is determines your success or disappointment.

Photo Credit: Cover Photo Anna Shvets from Pexels


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