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Stop Blaming Dog Breeders, We’re the Buyers

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Stop Blaming Dog Breeders, we’re the buyers. To borrow from the World Wild Life Fund, “when the buying stops the killing can too.” This is not a marketing ploy, it is a common sense truth we must face. The truth does not change because you scroll past it, or choose not “share” on your socially conscious, environmentally friendly, high on caffeine upbeat news feed!

The truth is blaming breeders, especially back yard breeders, is to take a moral and ethical high ground, when in reality, its a reflection of what we are willing to accept. As a society we want ‘someone’ to make the bad “go away”. No one can do that, unless you get involved. Boycott the breed of cat or dog and what do you think breeders will do?

Blaming a breeder is logical, unethical breeders spring up globally, because they follow a trend. Specific breeds of cats or dogs “trend” and breeders are feeding a demand. The demand for ‘trending’ breeds is coming from you, the buyer.

Stop blaming dog breeders, for conducting as business, what many “influencers*” and social media pet parents do in the guise of ‘pet parenting’. Calling yourself a doggie matrimonial service, is a fancy word for breeder. Better yet are dog dating services, dog weddings…and many a creative descriptive when you do not want to call yourself a breeder.

Defending dog breeders is not point of this article. It’s to get ourselves to face the truth. Puppies are bundles of peeing, squealing joy and those unappreciative of them, well…we’ll refer you to a professional.

These bundles of joy are bundles of fortunes for an opportune business mind. French bulldogs sell in the UK for an average of £1000! For a brachycephalic breed who suffer most of their lives, have difficulties with breathing, exercising and feeding.

Why do these smashed face piglet looking dogs command that price? Stop reading, pick up your phone (we hope you are reading this on a desktop!) and open your Instagram app. Next type #frenchbulldog and here’s what you will find.

French Bull dogs on Instagram
24 Million Smash Faced Frenchie photos, every one adorable.

They breed them tighter, which means the face is flatter, what social media calls “funny” and “grumpy”. The tear glands are often too close to their nasal passages, and these cats and dogs spend a life time in respiratory distress, and discomfort. Pet product corporations create pet feeding bowls to accommodate smash faced pets because they cannot eat from normal feeding bowls. They go a step further and create pet foods to suit a flat faced cat or dog.
The answer is not to create products for these distresses smash faced cats and dogs, it is to stop the breeding.

Ethical breeders are educated, they know their breed, they study form and bloodline. They keep their breeding animals, and do not abandon them on garbage dumps. They take their puppies back, and yes, will often refuse to give a particular breed of dog to a person. Trust an ethical breeder, they make these decisions in the interest of the welfare of the animal as well as the human family. If you ignore sound advice, its not just at your own peril, it is at the peril of a helpless animal you have no knowledge of or business to own.

The law of supply and demand hold true for any commodity. And we’ve made animals a commodity. We’re the buyers of cats and dogs so let’s stop blaming breeders. We know you’re reading this shaking your head, “I’m not one of those people,” think again, maybe you are. We know we are guilty of it. Acknowledge accept and amend.

Because social media pervades every aspect of our lives,you are part of the problem. Every like, thumbs up and heart on social media fuels the demand. It does not excuse unethical and backyard breeders, it gives them opportunities. A drug peddler: feeds your addiction.

Puppy peddlers, supply your demand

Stop blaming breeders, when accomplished, educated individuals, request doggie matrimonial services! When pet parents initiate businesses based on a feeding frenzy of cute and Instagrammable animals. pet therapy, boarding, photography, are not and should not be quick money schemes. They’re all legitimate viable businesses, which if practiced ethically are hugely rewarding for man and animal.

So let’s stop blaming the breeder, we’re the buyer, consumer who fuel these pop up businesses.

*There are numerous Influencers, who use their wide platforms to help animals, and spread awareness in a positive manner, we are in no way painting all with the same brush. We do feel the need to call out the ones that use the platform for unfair gain!


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  1. I m looking for pug puppy in Samastipur, Bihar

    1. Oliver says:

      Please consider adopting a dog instead of buying. In the particular case of pugs, please read here about the health problems and similar breeds face.
      I want to Buy a Pug

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