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Street Dog Rescue?

Indian street dog

7 a.m, and our paths crossed, she stops, changes direction and decides to walk along. Wagging her tail , looking up with an “I know you expression” This poses a problem….

Our Morning puppy crew of 5, who do not take kindly to sharing their human friends or space.
If you are faced with a similar situation, our Top 3 Don’t do’s:
  • Pick the dog off the street & “rescue it”
  • Become hysterical & call every rescue agency in a 5 mile radius.
  • Take a photo and ask for advice online in real-time
Resist the urge to Google “Dog rescue centers near me” or “dog helpline numbers near me”

Use your common sense, street dogs that have strayed from their neighbourhood are likely to be hungry. You can use that to your advantage. The goal here was to keep her safe, without using intimidation to stop her following me.

The advantage of Indian streets? There is a “chaiwalla”(tea stall) on every corner. Don’t be shy about asking for help. Most are animal friendly and will be happy to help you. Milk was readily available, so we worked it out, the chaiwalla, poured her a bowl of milk. She was immensely happy to lap it up and I got the “out” I needed to make a safe getaway. We hope shes’ found her way back to her neighbourhood and had her faith in humans restored.


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