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The 8 crore Alaskan Malamute

alaskan malamute puppies in India
Is this the most expensive dog in India?* The 8 crore Alaskan Malamute! We’re not sure, don’t care! Apart from the fact that the sequence of events described in the article make no sense.. The most disturbing part of this story is the treatment of the dog and her pups as commodities. Any sensible persons questions, why any animal is purchased at such an absurd sum of money.
Read the story here. We disagree with the author of the article, reuniting Samsung with the “owner” i. e. breeder is not a happy conclusion to the story.

It disturbs us that leading pet related websites in India, offer readers and potential buyers, “affordable options, near you”. Before you head out to buy this face (let’s face it, we want one as well!!) Read about the breed, educate yourself, on the pitfalls of owning a breed of working dog.

A working breed, is not meant to sit around your home and entertain your kids. They are high energy dogs with incredible strength, who often grow bored of a sedentary life. It is essential to give all working breeds basic obedience training. This keeps you and your dog happy and productive members of society.

If you must buy a working dog, do the work yourself- hire competent staff for when you are not around. Choose vets and kennels wisely and take responsibility for the decision you have made, you owe it to the dog. So, if you buy the 8 crore alaskan malamute, please make sure you keep him/her trackable and safe!

Puppy care starts with researching the breed you are going to bring home. Pet care is a life long commitment, which in the case of an Alaskan Malamute, is a time consuming commitment.

*For our international readers, 8 crore Rupees is approximately $1 million US dollars!!


4 thoughts on “The 8 crore Alaskan Malamute

  1. Roxanne Davur says:

    It’s not even known if he has a breeders registration
    Anyway he got the dog back
    Should have had one of your GPS, right?

    1. Oliver says:

      She’d probably be happier with someone who does not see her as a puppy producer! True, but these sorts, never invest in the health or safety of these animals.

  2. Kazy says:

    Why does she cost $1MN dollars? It sounds stupid, absurd and endangers her well being. Champion Line Malamutes cost between $1500-$3500 anywhere else. Ridiculous.

    1. Oliver says:

      When they buy for “breed” and to “show off” a dog, its unfortunately not in the interest of the animal

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