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white dog in garden

The best dog I’ve ever had goes gently over the the rainbow bridge

Doogie, we should have apologised to him for him for his unimaginative name. Doogie Howser was on a re-run when he  walked through the compound gate. 

Clearly a scared dog, he was skittish and needed his time. But 5 years later, no member of his new human family could get close enough to him to touch him. Never aggressive, with food, or people. He’d watch from a distance, listen to what was being said and go quietly into his self imposed spaces. It was clear, Doogie knew he was safe and chose to keep to himself. A simple request to respect.

Doogie found a friend. No, Doogie rescued a friend. A beautiful abandoned sheep dog mix girl. He knew the importance of a safe space and brought her home.

dog looking at camera

 Inseparable best friends, they helped each other cope and flourished. Cookie makes up for it. A lap dog (she does not know her size!) open spirit who hasn’t lost her trust in humanity.

brown Indie puppy

 Fast forward 3 years, enter Felix, a young rascal, 8-11 months old, they welcome him to their safe space. Doogie has now saved two lives

A gentleman and an old soul, you left as quietly as you came.


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