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The Most Popular Cat Breeds in the World


The Most Popular Cat Breeds in the World are a quest humans will probably never end!

Since the beginning of time, having a pet has been an important part of our culture. These ferocious beings that came from the wilderness have become family members through a long process of domestication. Cats, in particular, have been extremely popular since the times of pharaohs of ancient Egypt. Back then, they were treated as gods, and, in that regard, not a lot has changed. The tradition of kitties getting such treatment continues to this day. They rule the internet, every cardboard box around, likely a fair portion of your bed, and everyone’s hearts. They get what they want thanks to their cute quirkiness, playfulness, and their mischievous behaviour.

And while you are probably taking a break from browsing the internet and looking up Instagram pages that feature cute kitties, you might want to check out this great infographic we designed for you. There you will find a lot of useful information, as well as tips on how to identify some common cat breeds.

American Favourites
Numerous cat breeds that are popular around the world for their intelligence, beauty, and affection come from the American continent. Most of them look nothing alike, even though they share the same roots. If we consider their physical appearance, it is somewhat simple to distinguish them. For instance, the American Shorthair and the American Bobtail look relatively similar, but the Shorthairs (as the name suggests) have shorter tails and hair. Some kitties’ names indicate that they come from the Far East, but actually, they come from the US. Bengal cats have marble like patterns or dots all over them, with a bright orange to light brown fur. Bombay kitties are typically black, and their eyes are bright yellow.

Fur balls from the Far East
In the category of the most popular cat breeds to ever walk on earth, the Siamese kitties take first place. It is easy to distinguish them by their bicolour bodies—their tails and legs being dark brown, and their torsos bright ivory. Eastern cats typically have short hair and big eyes. Alongside the aforementioned Siamese kitties, people adore Korat cats, native to Thailand. These cats have grey or white hair. It is also important to mention the Japanese Bobtail that is praised in Japanese culture as a sign of fortune, good luck, and prosperity.

African Cats
As you probably know, many cat breeds come from the African continent. The Sub-Saharan beauties often have big ears, tiny heads, long tails, and medium-sized legs. These cats normally live a long and healthy life. What is particularly interesting is that they are like dogs—a fairly uncommon trait of the feline kind. Egyptian cats represent some of the oldest pets in written history. Two of the breeds that carry the legacy of the pharaoh ages are Mau and Chausie. Mau has a silver or bronze fur, while Chausies have a rust-coloured or brown fur.

In terms of having a great character and being loyal, no cat breed is similar to the Abyssinians. These kitties are of dark orange colour, have big ears, and are incredibly loveable.

50 Most popular cat breeds
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