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The World’s Longest Pet Leash

worlds longest dog leash

The World’s longest pet leash is invisible and indivisible. It cannot be broken because your pets cannot chew through it, or escape it. Your dog walker cannot slow down, or take uncalled for breaks. Your cat cannot give you the slip. You can see your cats nocturnal pursuits and adventures.

This piece of technology will keep your pets safe, and give you peace of mind. You may be a continent away, but they’re in your pocket, at your finger tips.

How does this work? Like the internet, which you carry in your pocket, the GPS tracker works on a cellular signal. That makes it The World’s Longest Pet Leash! It alerts you when your pets leave a designated safe zone. You have the ability to track your pets and their care givers in real time.

Do not be dependant on social media to track a lost dog. Some estimates put 28 days as the cut off point for when lost dogs begin to display feral behaviour. Unless the dog has continuous positive interactions with human beings. Let’s face it, people have limited positive interactions with human beings, hoping a dog will, is well, hoping for a lot.

Cats are hunters by nature, we’ve confined them to homes, apartments and catteries. But give them the chance and they’re off! It is especially important that you know where your cat is and how you are going to bring this wanderer safely back home.

Let’s quickly run through the features of this GPS device, or The World’s Longest Pet leash. You are alerted in real time when your pet escapes, or has been “petnapped.” Follow your pets in real time when you are simply at work or shopping and have to depend on a dog walker. The device is waterproof so its perfect for pet camps and swims. The pet leash is rechargeable and works globally, so when you move, it still works. Multiple family members can view your pet leash on multiple devices.

Do not be another pleading statistic looking for a lost pet. Get the World’s longest pet leash today and enjoy your time with your pets! Watch here how GPS trackers keep your pets safe.


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