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Tips and products for managing your dog’s arthritis

dog arthritis

Canine arthritis is among the most common age-related health problems for dogs. It is caused by the deterioration of joint cartilage and leads to inflammation, stiffness, and pain in their joints. Ageing, genetic predisposition and traumatic injuries can all be factors that lead to arthritis in our pup’s joints.

While we may not be able to prevent arthritis from occurring, there are measures we can take to help alleviate any discomfort our canine companions may experience. By utilizing products such as rear support harnesses, knee & elbow braces, anti-inflammatory supplements, and more, you can help your pup to get through it more comfortably.

Knee & elbow braces for added support

Elbow and knee braces provide the support needed to reduce the associated discomfort that comes with arthritis, while also offering unrestricted movement throughout the day. Many of these braces are customizable, allowing you to find just the right fit for your pup that’s comfortable and won’t get in their way. With the right fit and regular use, your pup will enjoy reduced pain and a greater range of motion.

Rear support harnesses

Rear support harnesses act as a helpful tool for managing the pain associated with arthritis in dogs. The specialized design of these harnesses helps reduce stress on the dog’s joints, allowing them to stay more active and comfortable. In addition, many of these products are adjustable, so you can tailor the fit for your specific pet. This type of product can make a world of difference in your dog’s quality of life by helping keep their mobility stable and pain-free.

CBD for dogs with arthritis 

CBD has been gaining traction as a possible treatment for arthritis in dogs, with the American Veterinary Medical Association suggesting it should be explored further. One study conducted at Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine has shown encouraging results. Owners might be wary of using it due to its origins, but researchers suggest that CBD for canine arthritis may provide relief from the symptoms associated with the disease, such as chronic pain, stiffness and soreness – without causing significant side effects.

To learn more about what you should look for in CBD oil for dogs, see this detailed guide: CBD Oil for Dogs. What Should You Know?

*It is important to note that you should always consult with your veterinarian before administering CBD, or any new medication for that matter, to your dog.

Turmeric to reduce inflammation

Turmeric has been used therapeutically for centuries and its anti-inflammatory qualities can help reduce stiffness and swelling in areas where arthritis abounds. In terms of dosage recommendations, talk with your vet to figure out what is safe based on the size and age of your dog, but adding a pinch of turmeric powder to their food each day can make a positive difference.

Non-slip flooring to prevent slipping and falls

You want to limit slipping and falling to avoid further injury. One of the solutions for this is strategically placed non-slip rugs and mats around the house to help your pup keep their footing and reduce their chance of an accidental slip or fall. Keep in mind that any slippery surfaces, such as tile floors or wooden steps, may increase their risk, so be mindful of how you can minimize these hazards. See our best flooring for dogs article here if your pup is struggling with traction issues at home.

Elevated feeding stations for easier eating

Elevated feeding stations are a great product to provide easier access to food for dogs with arthritis. Raising the height of the station can help relieve pressure on shaky legs and joints, and gives your pup more independence when it comes to mealtimes. Additionally, this can reduce food and water spillage onto the floor – an issue that dogs with arthritis may be unable to clean up.

In summary, looking after a dog with arthritis can seem daunting, but with the right products and tips it doesn’t have to be. From rear support harnesses to non-slip flooring, braces to turmeric, there are plenty of ways to make life easier for dogs suffering from this condition. Ultimately, by taking all these precautions, you can ensure that your arthritic pup will enjoy a happier and more comfortable life.


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