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We cannot step out. We must step up.

stay home
We cannot step out. We must step up. What began as an Instagram post to encourage ourselves and our readers to get out there and be useful . . . . . hung out in the recesses of my mind, its got a lot of time to shall we say ramble?
The past couple of weeks make it clear we’ve functioned like hamsters on a wheel for so long that when the wheel halts, we’re lost. Ignorance and self interest replaced science and reason. To survive this, we must loose the former and embrace the latter.

As this virulent virus continues its march across the globe, leaving devastation in its wake, technology keeps us educated and connected, but will not save us, our saviours- smart dedicated minds. At this cross roads, no business, company or individual can identify singly with a profession, belief or culture. Unless your singular goal is self care and preservation.

A “Google It” generation quickly learns you cannot ‘Google’ a solution to every real world problem. Their lives endangered by an ultra liberal education system, which let them believe they ‘deserve the world.’ They do not – like every living being on the planet, they must earn their rightful place. With patience, humility, and knowledge, not by displacing another species, or human being. Coronavirus anxiety is a real concern for all generations, the massive disruption to lives and routines takes a toll on even the strongest minds!

Knowledge, discipline and respect will save humanity. Respect for each other, for the individuals who work at risk to their safety and lives. Facts matter, not your feelings of isolation and quarantine. To spare your feelings may mean endangering the life of a health care worker.

If you come of this unchanged, unwilling to compromise on your former demands of this planet and the people around you, the lock down was a lost opportunity on so many levels, mental, emotional and psychological.

Human beings realise people not governments come to each others aid, friends, neighbours and family, no political affiliations come to your aid. Doctors and science not abstract faith came to your aid. Art, books, music and your creative spirit came to your aid. Companion animals our voiceless non judgemental listeners listened stoically to your ramblings and mine.

No matter who you are and what you do- if you are a business on or offline, rich or poor, black, white or green. The invisible super bug is coming for you, the audacity of this bug, it does not respect gender, colour, power structure….

And ask yourself how we got here? How has the most advanced civilization (we like to think) in history been mass incarcerated? You are part of a civilization who can fly to the moon but now cannot leave your house! Medical fraternities, researchers, people of science and reason work tirelessly at the expense of their own lives to save ours. Delivery boys and girls, sanitation workers, drivers, grocery storesall stepped up so you could step out, and that is a fact we and history must never forget.

If you cannot give your money,
give your time,
if you cannot give your time,
give in kind,
if you cannot give in kind,
give online,
if you cannot give online
give in person,
isolate, donate, volunteer,
pause and pick a cause


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