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Where did the forests go?

forest encroachment

Where did the forests go? We cut them down, built them up and expected to reap the pleasures with no perils.
Our Forests did not sign up for this destruction.

How did we arrive at this existence? Countries herd millions of citizens to confinement for an indefinite period. The Empty Forest by Kent Redford, lays out in an easy to understand overview of why our forests matter, along the way you will understand, why we ended up at this existence. We plundered them and are paying the price of being unwelcome guests. You know the kind, the obnoxious brazen guest who talks down to everyone. Our long suffering host, fed up left with no choice but to expel us- brutally .

Forests matter for our air, water, and soil quality. An essential natural service without which we will not survive. For city dwellers and their pets, the forest is a ‘break from routine’, holiday in the hills, or weekend retreat.
The Empty Forest is a relevant read for your extended time locked down. Lets be radical and educate ourselves on the functions of our planet inhabitants. Learn how they maintain systems which pollinate our fruit, clean our air and water to mention a few. Our relationship with the ecosystems matter for planet, human and pet health. We broke our contract with the natural world, and we’re paying the price.

How did Covid 19 spread so rapidly across the globe?
Human beings are not the source, but we are the vehicle.

The responses of denial, unpreparedness and unwillingness of world leaders to educate themselves from established fact and science is responsible for the rapid spread of Covid 19. The most unattainable reaction is to carry on the status quo carries on until vaccines* are developed! Maintaining sensible norms and relying on miracles are two ends of the spectrum within which people’s lives are trapped.

Everybody is now an expert on where the virus originated, from evil laboratories to pangolins to bats. We begin to investigate to educate. Science and people of reason and research have studied, proved and warned the powers that be of these impending dangers. Human beings and live animals unfettered movements across borders allow freedom of movement to pathogens, viruses, illnesses across the globe. (3. Simons et al.)

And to think, if we stay out of the forests, jungles and natural world, front line workers globally would not be battling an ‘invisible’ enemy.

We’re desperate to escape our cages and get back to ‘normal’ that calls for bans on “wet markets” and the “wildlife trade” are raging. An end to these practices begins with us, we demand exotic animals for meat or as pets. After contributing to the creation of an industry, it will not and cannot end overnight.

The unpleasant truth is poverty stricken peoples rely on these trades to survive. They are not businessmen or middlemen, they are trying to survive in a situation that gives them little or no options to support their families. The two studies attached are lengthy reads, go ahead, you have the time! They explain the complexities of what on the surface zealous activists would have you and me believe is a black and white issue. Arm yourself with the only weapon you have at your disposal and need- knowledge.

*Vaccine development is a long, complex process, often lasting 10-15 years and involving a combination of public and private involvement.


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