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Cancer Symptoms & Treatment for Dogs Part 2

Homoeopathy has a very important role to play in Cancer as the approach to the cancer is very different from chemotherapy.

The conventional approach is that cancer is a disease separate from the animal, one to be attacked in various ways. Often there is surgery to remove the cancer, perhaps then chemotherapy to kill the cancer (and the patient, as the chemicals affect all the body), radiation to kill the tumour (and the tissues around it).

So the attitude is one of attacking something separate from the patient. The homeopathic approach is to understand the new growth as being generated by the body – by the same energy (life force) that grew other parts of the body. So homeopathic treatment doesn’t fight against the growth or see it as separate. Instead, nutrition and homeopathic treatment work with the natural healing mechanisms to rebalance the life energy so the tumour is no longer needed or supported. Then it is resorbed or expelled.

Over the last 200 years, homeopathy has been very successful in cancer treatment. To find a homeopathic remedy, all peculiarities and striking symptoms are to be elaborated. Therefore, a meticulous questioning of the pet owner is of utmost importance. In homeopathy the peculiar and striking symptoms have to be worked out, followed by the mind symptoms (fears, character traits etc.) and physical general symptoms like eating preferences, digestion, temperature, behaviour.

Moreover, the homeopath  looks for the reason of the development of cancer in the dog, which might have appeared after injuries,  sterilisation, vaccinations or suppressed skin eruptions, which weaken the immune system and make the organism susceptible to malignant diseases.


Homeopathic cancer remedies


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