Real Time

  • Lost pets in India are an epidemic. Tractive’s pet GPS real time tracker, gives you real time locations of your pet.
  • This GPS tracker works all India and globally
  • Get it here 
  • Activate & Choose subscription plan here 
  • You are now connected to your pets 24 x 7
  • If you have any Questions write to us here
  • 1 year international warranty valid on all trackers purchased at Oliver Pet Care
  • Key Features waterproof, sealed, ready to use

injured dog wheel cart in India

  • 20 years of experience & over 50,000 wheelchairs sold, Handicapped Pets is now in India
  • Veterinary rehab products & wheelchairs
  •  Wheelchairs are adjustable on length, height, width
  • Easy to assemble, easy to clean
  • Re useable for multiple dogs
  • For dogs recovering from injury, or suffering from old age
  •  All products should be used in consultation with your vet.


Diluting the lock down, a return to normal?

I don’t care if they had a pet snake, racoon or spider. If you ask a pet owner of a departed pet, what they wish they’d done different- you’ll get the same response. Time the’d wish they had more Time.

Food or Friends

Food or friends? Spirited argument and counter arguments, no easy answers, and is kindness the answer?

The Most Popular Cat Breeds in the World

Since the beginning of time, having a pet has been an important part of our culture. These ferocious beings that



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