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injured dog wheel cart in India

  • 20 years of experience & over 50,000 wheelchairs sold, Handicapped Pets is now in India
  • Veterinary rehab products & wheelchairs
  •  Wheelchairs are adjustable on length, height, width
  • Easy to assemble, easy to clean
  • Re useable for multiple dogs
  • For dogs recovering from injury, or suffering from old age
  •  All products should be used in consultation with your vet.


Cats and Anxiety- what are the signs?

As a pet community we learn and grow from each other and one more happy cat in a home, is one less unhappy cat in a shelter!

10 Fun Facts of Pet Care

Instagram & Facebook are before & after stories. The in between is where real Pet Care & life happens! So lets dive in.

Why are we Outraged at the Yulin Dog Meat Festival ?

Why are we Outraged at the Yulin Dog Festival? This may not be a popular opinion. As pet owners we share our homes and lives with pets. It behoves us to pay attention to the treatment of all sentient beings. Not just the ones we live with or the ones that look like our pets.



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