Real Time
Lost pets in India are an epidemic. Tractive’s pet GPS real time tracker, gives you real time locations of your pet. Proactive pet care, make sure you can track your pet or streetie if they are lost.  Ask us about our Pet Tracker Rental Plans. We want the Indian Pet and Pet Parent to stay connected. Oliver’s here to make Pet Care simple.
injured dog wheel cart in India

Over 50,000 wheelchairs sold, we knew we wanted Handicapped Pets for India’s animals.Handicapped Pets, a world leader in veterinary rehab products and wheelchairs for 20 years. Pet Parents, veterinarian and animal welfare workers of India, you have access to a range of rehab products. Choose from a range of splints, wrist wraps, & lift harnesses. Patient Rehab and recovery is faster. All products should be used in consultation with your vet.


Cat Sitter vs Cat Boarding

Cats are easily stressed, change traumatises them in addition to being solitary hunters, they are solitary eaters, think about that when you are looking for cat boarding facilities that claim to be “free range”

Flight or Fight Animals

Flight or Fight animals or prey and predator animals. Flight animals instinct is to run from danger, never toward it, even if domesticated.

Dog Food Marketing

Pet Food marketing is a huge industry, always shop with your head and not your heart when you buy a bag of dog food.