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injured dog wheel cart in India

  • 20 years of experience & over 50,000 wheelchairs sold, Handicapped Pets is now in India
  • Veterinary rehab products & wheelchairs
  •  Wheelchairs are adjustable on length, height, width
  • Easy to assemble, easy to clean
  • Re useable for multiple dogs
  • For dogs recovering from injury, or suffering from old age
  •  All products should be used in consultation with your vet.


How to Find the Perfect Puppy

Puppies are pee and poo machines
Be willing to clean up, run after and loose sleep for a couple of months!

How To Deal With Cat Litter Problems The Right Way

How To Deal With Cat Litter Problems The Right Way, to help you and your cat with litter box placement, type of litter & quick tips to keep kitty happy!

Diluting the lock down, a return to normal?

I don’t care if they had a pet snake, racoon or spider. If you ask a pet owner of a departed pet, what they wish they’d done different- you’ll get the same response. Time the’d wish they had more Time.



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