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cage muzzle for medium dogs

Dog Muzzles, how to choose and fit one is a basic skill every dog family must master. We tend to think of dog muzzles as an uncomfortable contraption or even punishment for our dogs!

In fact a muzzle may be your dog or pups best friend when they are ill or injured or simply on their daily walk! The muzzle is a must have in every pet family’s pet care kit. In fact, even if your puppy does not need a muzzle, introduce the it to them when they are young. Make the muzzle their friend – as a general rule it is in your dog’s best interest to be familiar with as wide a range as possible of medical/ accessory equipments.

This best practice makes it easy for your dog and you in the unlikely event of injury or illness and that frantic dash to the vet’s office!


A muzzle must sit comfortably below your dogs eye line. The eye line is easier to judge and measure for ‘regular dogs’ with a pronounced snout. For flat faced dogs such as Pugs, Boxers, Bull dogs etc special muzzles are available. Their noses do not conform to normal facial features and it is best to use the specially designed muzzles for them to make sure it is safe and comfortable.

It must not be tight, your dog must be able to open its mouth. This is vital for any shape of snout – especially make sure the dog is not bitting down on it’s tongue, this can cause bleeding and a host of other problems.


Dogs loose body heat only by panting and their paw pads. Therefore, it is vital that a dog be able to ‘perspire’ through its mouth, it is how their bodies loose heat. So even if you have to use a muzzle it must allow the dogs mouth to open. It is not a punishment and that should never be their experience of association with a muzzle.
If you know in advance your dog will need to be muzzled, be sure to take  time and let your dog slowly break into wearing the muzzle.

dog muzzle meaning

What is a Dog Muzzle?

Anatomically speaking the dog muzzle is his/her nose! And noses like dogs come in all shapes and sizes. So when choosing a muzzle there is no one size fits all. For extreme flat faced dogs like Pugs, or Bull dogs you need a muzzle which is wide.

For dogs with a long snout a basket or simple nylon muzzle may be the most comfortable

How to fit and choose a dog muzzle depends on your dog’s nose!

how to choose a good dog muzzle

6 top tips to choose a muzzle for your Dog

  1. Comfort – if your dog is uncomfortable with the muzzle he/ she will associate a negative experience with the device
  2. Ease of use- opt for simple easy to fit and remove muzzles, it should ideally be a quick process
  3. Easy to keep clean choose materials that are easy to wash and disinfect. Also ensure they are not hard and abrasive materials.
  4. Breed appropriate muzzles are the most important decision you will take, if you are unsure consult your vet.
  5. “One dog one muzzle” never share muzzles even if you are a multi pet house hold, infections even minor ones can spread quickly.
  6. Do not exercise your dog with an ill fitting muzzle, it should be easily able to open its mouth and ‘stick its tongue out!”

We hope this quick guide gives you the confidence to use a muzzle safely and effectively for your dog.


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