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Pet Food In India

Hound Mix Dog In India
What has changed in the past decade or so, in India? The way we feed our dogs has changed. We’re feeding our dogs like we’re feeding ourselves with quick fix meals. We eat easy on the go food, which fills us up, but does not keep us healthy.

To keep your pets healthy we continue to bring you as much information as we can, from across the globe. Education is the key to eliminating harmful foods or products for your pets. For the reasons Rodney Habib elaborates in this TedTalk, we do not sell dry/ kibble/ pellet pet food. Pet owners see a rapid rise in kidney ailments, heart diseases, obstacles to mobility in young and older dogs.

Pedigree dogs or mixed breeds, pet health is a concern for a pet parents. Poor health, internal or physical is diet related to diet in human beings and pets can be managed through diet.
More information for your, to make safe choices for your dog.

When you think of how pet food is made, do not be fooled by advertising of individuals in white coats, and suggestions of a family run business stirring a pot of goodness with the “freshest ingredients”

“The truth is:
Pet food manufacturers use software to develop their recipes. While some might give you the impression a scientist labored in a special kitchen to get all the nutrients in a pet food just right…the truth is pet food recipes are developed by computer software programs.
Cats and dogs have specific nutritional needs. Not only does a pet food need to provide protein, they need to provide the pet specific levels of calcium and phosphorus – and make sure the calcium/phosphorus ratio is correct. Cats and dogs need specific levels of many other nutrients too, such as different vitamins and minerals. ”

Susan Thixton, The Truth About Pet Food

Now for the scary stuff. When pet foods are recalled the reasons for it are often not clear. Blurred lines and scientific terms may confuse and concern a pet owner. With few sources of truthful information, we’re here to make sure You have access to the truth.

Why are we talking about Aflatoxin? Because —- years ago a major pet food company recalled their products after 7 dogs died from consuming food with aflatoxin poisoning. Here are two scientific papers detailing the dangers of aflatoxin poisoning. One is an international study and the other is close to home, from a university in south India.

What is Aflatoxin?
Defined as any class of toxic compounds produced by certain moulds found in food, which can cause cancer liver damage and cancer.


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