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How to Keep a Cat Happy

Sketch of cat in black and white
How to keep a cat happy, vexing humanity from time immemorial. To keep a being happy you must first understand them. The only way to understand a subject is to study it, here is your quick guide to understanding your cats (almost). We’re still learning, so we did our best to break it down for you.
Cat facts on the go

Cats descend from desert dwellers

Food and water bowls must be separated. Because in a desert environment food may contaminate water.

cat drinking water from a tap

Why do cats love flowing water?

Think back to their desert ancestry-flowing water is less likely to be contaminated. While its fascinating for a simple minded human to watch a cat drinking flowing water, for a cat its instinct.

cat is an  obligate carnivore

What is an obligate carnivore?

A being that derives nutrition only from consuming meat.
Milk, or a vegetarian diet do not meet the dietary needs of a cat. A vegetarian cat (an oxymoron) may not be starving, but are not happy. Fillers do not deliver nutrition to maintain a healthy system.

happy cats  drink water

A low thirst drive, cats drink less water.

Like every other aspect of a cat, they must be cajoled and requested, to drink adequate amounts of water.

happy cats and litter trays

Happy cats have individual resources

Solitary by nature, they are not sharers. Individual litter boxes are essential, cats do not like to share litter boxes and trays.

If you’ve spent any time with a cat, you know, they’re smarter than the average human. Most certainly smarter than the average dog!

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