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Humans can’t communicate- that’s why we want pets

humans communicate

Humans Can’t Communicate- that’s why we want pets! People need emotional anchors. We seldom receive an honest emotion from our fellow humans and that is why animals have stepped in to fill a void. Ask a family with a pet or foster animal who the most important member is, chances are they’ll tell you it’s the family pet.

A majority of the reading population now interpret a question as a statement. Which is why you wait, wonder and hang about for a response! The poor question mark has lost its lustre! In the not so distant past questions were acknowledged not ignored. Rudeness rules for so many which is why our pets play such a huge role as emotional and social anchors.

Can humans communicate? Or do we just no longer care?

Social media, apps and the digital world have ushered the death of spelling, punctuation, grammar and manners. Not misplaced politically correct outrage! There was a time in human history (not so long ago) when we communicated face to face, via telephone (with a cord attached to a device) and within the physical reality of time and space.

Digital communication has taken all human etiquette, manners and common courtesies and flung them out the proverbial window. We hide behind our screens, supposedly over booked calendars and schedules. Yet, we binge watch Netflix or Amazon Prime! And this innate deceitful aspect of human nature of human nature is why we long for pets in our lives.

Digital time stamps are our new “manners barometer”.

The question mark that ‘versatile squiggly’ takes shape on paper as well as facial expressions. From the “really?” look to the “are you serious?” its all about the unanswered question. We must ponder are we so fatigued by human interaction? Animals offer us a quieter non verbal communication. They are less draining on our energies and work to restore our emotional and mental well being.

Why do we want pets

Humans are broken. Our reliance on technology has changed so many aspects of how we live and interact. The pressures to conform and live the perfect (at least on the outside) family life has lead to some of the harshest wars ever waged on mental health. The unrealistic pressures on human beings and the extremes of political correctness have brought us to a point where we no longer want to engage in discourse with our own species!

We’d love to hear your takes on the state of human communication and how we use animals, especially companion animals as go betweens.


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