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Pet Pooper Scooper

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Pet Pooper Scooper, we give it a whimsical name so pet owners, pick up after their dogs. The Pooper Scooper is an essential tool in a pet parent kit.
Why should I pick up after my dog? There are two answers, the short and the long. Civic Sense is the short answer. The long answer; as a pet owner, you make a dog a member of your community. Now, its your responsibility to make sure your dog is a responsible member of that community.

As the late great George Carlin called it the ‘softening of language.’ We now call dog waste bags and pick up bags poop bags and pooper scoopers!
The softening of language, doesn’t change the job. But if it makes the job easier for you, we’re happy to call them the Pet Pooper Scooper.

The Pet Pooper Scooper, is much more than a long stick like thing you carry to pick after your pet. It is your sabre of responsible pet ownership.

For the lazy, pet owner, and their “what about the stray dogs?” argument, we’re way ahead of you. Let’s talk runoff pollution, especially for island and coastal communities is of particular concern. And if we’ve inspired to pick up after stray dogs, fantastic!

Municipal cleaning crews globally do a tireless job, its time as citizens we pitched in to do our bit.

In the case of Mumbai, maximum city for man and beast, we’re a coastal city, so where your dogs poo ends up, is where your pescatarian diet originates. Less is more, less polluted waters mean less waste in our ocean, less danger to fish communities, and to the fish you consume.
Its not about doing it perfectly, its about making an effort.

Learn here about Run off pollution and why it about more than pet waste.

With dog dirt bag dispensers we’ve made life easier for you and your dog walker. If your house help is walking your dogs, explain to them how and why they should use the dirt bags.

India has a long and complicated history associated with waste removal. Most staff see it as “beneath their dignity”, take the time to explain why they should pick up. Give them the dirt bag dispenser and bags and let them watch you do it, so they are encouraged to follow your example. 

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