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Social Distancing and your Dog

Social distancing, how is it working out for you? Are you feeling disconnected and lonely? As you are physically distanced, from people, you stay mentally stimulated.
We crave engagement to survive. The BBC knows this, and to keep you home, they have compiled a list of resources to keep you engaged. Get the list here. Entertainment, cultural and educational giants from Netflix, Spotify, Audible, museums, galleries, to streaming services, all offer resources for free, to keep us engaged and occupied. Why? Boredom and isolation cause stress, which fuel stress related behaviour. In our present scenario is venturing outdoors. A disastrous move in present times, stay indoors!

They figure if they throw enough free internet and resources at us, they will keep us engaged and possibly sane! Maybe we won’t hoard as many toilet rolls if they distract us with free music?
Privileged humanity is the toddler every parent tries desperately to pacify. (Privileged humanity: the ability to socially distance and work from home without watching a bank balance)

In your isolation, you have access the world. Why? The powers that be have the power to make that happen. They know without keeping you entertained and engaged, they cannot contain you.

Pet dogs are the beneficiaries of lock downs and our Work from Home reality. They love the fact that their humans are home all day. Think about it, we’ve taken a pack animal, isolated them, demand specific behaviours, without taking the time to train them.

We want extraordinary relationships with our dogs, with minimal effort on our part. We expect them to sit in a locked in a house or yard for hours at a time. And then expect them to behave like perfect little human beings on 4 legs.
If social distancing due to the coronavirus has you feeling caged, alone or frustrated, it is an opportunity to rethink how we isolate house pets. Covid 19 is the great leveler of rich and poor, conservative and liberal, young and old, the list is as diverse as humanity itself.

People depend heavily on canines for emotional support, some where along the way, we forgot they have become our emotional caregivers. As any study or caregiver themselves will attest to- it is the most stressful job. Koztolayni et al, explain the correlation between behavioural disorders of dogs and their owners attitudes.

A behavioural disorder stems from an unhealthy life style, attachment or obsession; learned behaviours. The “snowflake generation” told they deserve the world (often for not doing very much) get their first tastes of restricted movements. Isolation and boundaries are alien concepts. Barely ever disciplined, as we must not stifle their creativity! Their reality has changed overnight, its time for them to meet the challenge.
They will make the best pet owners of the future.

For what is possibly the first time in our living memories, human beings know our lives depend on each other.


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