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Special Needs Dogs and Cats 

Special Needs Dogs and Cats- We quickly learn from them that they do not want pity. They want a chance to prove themselves. 

Whenever veterinarians need products for disabled pets, they turn to a company which represents and works with a focus on “Veterinary Aid or Care”

What is a paraplegic dog or cat? 

The paraplegic dog or cat is one of the most unique animals to come through the doors of a home, veterinary clinic or shelter. The heart and soul of every disabled animal is their spirit, they never quit and have a will to be a part of the family. 

Our designs for wheelchair devices that fit dogs and cats have helped numerous patients and pups just like yours.

second chance animals

How can we help these animals in our care?

Special needs dogs and cats are disabled animals who need products specially formulated and professionally manufactured. They may were once discards and written off, but they have souls that survive and spirits that never quit. 

These amazing animals are survivors and make the best of their circumstances. Most scared, abandoned, or injured animals recover quickly and lovingly bond to a new family.

It is important to use products for them which are specially formulated and professionally manufactured. By helping them, they help us right back, making excellent “motivational therapists” for young children with disabilities. They are also excellent good will ambassadors for all a wide spectrum of disabled people as well as animals. Their inspiration is infectious!

How does an aid help a disabled dog or cat or even goat move?

Injured or ill animals need innovative, specialized products, designed by veterinarians for their particular care needs. You want your pet to get the best rehab and carry over that recovery into everyday life. If an animal isn’t comfortable, they won’t use a product. In that sense they are very much like people! 

We call these second chance animals.

It is always Important to consult your veterinarian or physiotherapist  and for them to be a part of the process.

The best solution to dealing with special needs animals is for vets to have aids and products on site so they can try and know what works for the patient.

What is the role of Veterinarians?

A gentle reminder to our veterinary community clients (pet owners and carers) are not always knowledgeable about canine or feline anatomy. Therefore when looking for products they are looking for a needle in a haystack! Guidance and hands on help from the vet does wonders for the confidence of both pet and family. As a veterinary practice if you can have handy rehab products to explain their use and benefits, pet families will benefit from first hand professional advice- instead of Google!

Veterinarians and animal lovers want to help the special needs animals in their care. Our products are scientifically formulated, specialized and professionally manufactured and we offer a range of consumable products for your special needs animal. Aids can help a disabled dog or cat move. But vets need to know what works for them, so they can be comfortable giving them proper rehab and preparation.

We believe these special needs animals have a story, just like the rest of our pets. We want to find out how we can help them reach their full potential and live long fulfilling lives with their pets.

help the disabled live full lives
More than just pretty Warrior Harnesses these provide support and stability to forelimb amputees or dogs recovering from surgical procedures

Conclusions and Learning 

We’d like to conclude by saying that the special needs dog and cat population will live longer and better lives with the correct use of aids and assistance. Having an understanding of how a dog moves or a cat [moves] is very helpful to owners/carers and veterinarians alike.

The paraplegic pet design solutions aim to help provide a comfortable and healthy life for pets with special needs. 

Products from Handicapped Pets and Orto Canis are designed to help aid the physical freedom of each animal in a non-restricting way. The global south now has access to these products and it is heartening to see families, shelters and clinics understand the value of these products. They cut down long term costs and help the animals lead meaningful lives. 

You know your pet better than anyone, and you have the most control over their life and lifestyle. You can make the best decisions for your pet. If a vet or product recommends an approach that doesn’t sit well with you, trust your gut and speak up! You know your pets best and your vets’ goal is always to support the animal in the best way.

And remember, knowledge is power. The more you know, the better equipped you’ll be to help your pets live a happy healthy life!


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