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Why do you start a pet business?

why start a pet business
A pet ‘business’ is part business, and all heart. Why do you venture to start one? To fill a void, to make a profit or to make a difference. If you jump all the hurdles, work with the right people and stay on course with your beliefs, you’ll probably achieve all three. We’ve become a society that refers to pets as “fur babies” “furry friends” and a myriad other names and terms. But lets take a step back and realise a few inescapable truths. Pets are animals; we may anthropomorphize them but is that in their best interest? At Oliver we acknowledge pets are a part of the family, but we also acknowledge they are a different species with distinct needs and unique problems.

Puppies and kittens are a joy, but as they age our animals need products and service. Remember these “fur babies” can never care for themselves. They are completely dependent on us for food, shelter and care, which must adapt to their needs as they age. With that in mind, we’re dedicated to bringing them products and partnering with services that keep them healthy and safe. Starting a pet business involves multiple steps, with one of the first being deciding on your legal business structure. An LLC is often a suitable choice and platforms like llcbuddy offer extensive resources that guide you through each step of your LLC journey, making the process less daunting.

Why focus on gadgets & technology?
Victims of loosing our own pets, we scoured the market domestic and international to find a device that keeps you connected to your animals. Why? These gadgets & technologies can now connect us to our animals when we cannot be with them. Tractive puts you in charge of your animal’s safety, it gives you the opportunity to not be a statistic in the lost pets register. Living in India there are certain inalienable truths we must face, we live in a vibrant country dedicated to celebration, much of it noisy. Noise, loud music and firecrackers are responsible every year for the flood of social media appeals for lost pets. The GPS tracker eliminates that; you are connected to your animal at all times. Arguments may be made against the device being taken off the animal, to, which we counter from experience; you cannot know how invaluable the device is until you have searched blindly for an animal, as opposed to searching for one with a last known location.

Locally sourced
We are proud to offer locally sourced foods, which are human grade, making it easy to put our motto into practice, if our animals don’t use it, neither do yours. Low carbon paw prints for animals are another viewpoint which finally became a reality, pet travel, pet cafes, pet boarding facilities are now a part of our pet industry and have become an essential part of services offered to families.

No Sharing options
When you have a number of animals in a ‘restricted’ area such as a boarding facility or café, infections spread between animals, especially when feeding and water bowls are shared . How could we help curb this in a responsible manner? The answer was eco friendly disposable pet bowls made from bagasse. Travel, boarding facilities, vets offices, and pet cafes, or pet friendly resorts, a small investment goes a long way to reassure families you are dedicated to their animal’s wellbeing and good health.    

Sourcing goods and partnering with services that share your values may a times prove to be challenging, but like any good expedition, you don’t stop at the first hurdle. Its not a cliché to say, carry on and the like minded will come to you.  Most pet retailers and customers will first exchange ‘pet stories’ and then conduct business, if that happens, you know you are dealing with the right person.

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