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5 Reasons Not to Buy a Pup

bully pup online Mumbai
  1. Look at this photo
  2. Look at his eyes
  3. Look at his body language
  4. Look at this tail
  5. Look at his coat
He’s given up. As a potential ‘buyer’, learn to read fear and defeat in this dogs face. If you cannot read an animal you should not own one.

Breeding is a business but like any business, there are good vendors and bad. A breeder is not a person who indiscriminately mates dogs for profit. An educated ethical breeder studies his/her breed. They are knowledge on breed specifics such as hereditary diseases, physical ailments etc. They understand the basics of genetics and behaviour. In short, they are individuals who recognise dogs are living beings. They know that ill bred dogs with behavioural problems are a danger to themselves and society.

If you are planning on bringing a puppy into your home, please consult with persons/ organisations that can guide to a safe and healthy puppy. Unethical and back yard breeding only flourishes when they see a market.
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Photos & article from Times of India

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