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7 things to keep in mind when travelling with your dog

travel with your dog

When you get exhausted from your hectic routine and want to refresh your mind, one thing comes straight to your mind; vacations. Traveling is a fulfilling experience if you have a cute furry travel partner beside you.

Luckily, many hotels and resorts have changed their policy to favor and welcome pets with open arms. Now you can think about the furry addition in as many activities as possible.

Traveling with pets feels intimidating to many people, while some consider taking pets on vacations quite expensive. For that reason, they land on leaving the pets at home. They are missing an incredible journey with a cute canine friend whose presence is synonymous with tons of happiness.

But, getting to the destination should not be your ultimate goal. You must prep your buddy for an outstanding traveling experience. You must take care of a few things, from keeping all the essentials in your suitcase to meeting the travel criteria of the destination you are going to visit.

Here, we have listed some travel tips that must be kept in mind while traveling with your canine companion;

If you are planning to travel out of the country, it is fundamental to have pet health records with you. Like your passport, pet health documents can be required anytime throughout your trip. For instance, the officials of the host country will keep pet health records that show that your dog is healthy and vaccinated.

So it is vital to keep several copies of such documents handy to avoid any side hassle. Your canine can catch an illness in an unfamiliar environment, so you must take them to another vet in the new location. So it is another advantage of having an updated pet medical log while traveling with your dog.

Some airlines may require pet insurance forms, while others may have strange requirements to transport dogs. So you must check beforehand to avoid any chaos later on.

2.   Train your Dog in Advance:

If your dog is set off for the first time, it is essential to train him to have a smooth and hassle-free journey. Prepare your dog a couple of weeks before the day of departure.

If your dog is not crate-trained yet, do it in the first place. After purchasing the right travel crate for your dog, make sure he can sit, sleep, and move around in the crate comfortably.

Also, they should be trained to stay alone in the crate. While in the plane, they might get tucked below the seat, so train them beforehand to stay alone in the crate for a few hours comfortably.

If your pet experiences puppy hiccups worry not! It is usual for dogs to hiccup if they get too excited or nervous. 

Most importantly, they will experience the noise and crowd of the airport and resorts. A sudden encounter with such stimuli can scare them. So the best in your interest is to familiarize them with the loud sounds in your house in advance.

3.   Invest in a Travel Crate:

A dog tethered in a suitable crate is secure while traveling or flying with your four-legged friend. Crates come in different sizes, colors, and styles, so make your choice based on your pocket and the weight of your pet.

While in the crate, dogs assess that their movement is restricted, so they adapt to the available space. Also, make sure the seats of the airline are spacious enough to accommodate the crate below. If traveling by car, do not forget to secure the carrier with the seat belt.  

4.   Have a Potty Plan!

Pets are almost always particular about the place where they should go to wee; an open green space, a little box, or a specific patch in your landscaping. 

But while you are traveling, it can become a hassle to find the right spot for them. The hotel in which you are staying might have the best food, but what if there is no nearby green space? 

Your furry friend will get to an abandoned place far away from the hotel and you will have no choice other than to get dressed and follow his footsteps in the middle of the night.

No one wants to experience such a nightmare on his vacation. So keep all these things in mind while choosing your hotel or the places to look around.

5.   Be Careful with your Food and Water Intake:

Some people avoid food and water before taking off as it can upset their stomachs. It is not all different in the case of dogs. Your furry companion is resilient enough to stay without eating or drinking for a few hours.

But it does not mean you cannot feed or drink your canine before and during the travel. Let them have a few sips and bites, so they can comfortably get through the travel.

Also, be cautious of the food they take before the travel. Of course, you cannot let your travel partner throw up and create an absolute mess in the plane or cargo area.

6.   Keep First Aid Kit Handy:

It is paramount to prepare for the worst scenario. Your dog’s first aid kit must be fully equipped and easily accessible. The lifesaver kit for your dog must include;

  • an Elizabethan collar
  • a 5cm wide crepe bandage
  • Surgical sticky tape
  • Cotton wool and towel
  • Sterile absorbent gauze
  • Non-adhesive absorbent dressings
  • Scissors and blunt

Make sure your first aid box has these essentials before taking off to avoid any significant loss.

7.   Identity Equipment is a Must-Have:

While at the destination, make sure your dog is wearing a collar and ID tag on which your name and contact information is mentioned. If your dog gets lost in the crowded streets, this will get your invaluable furry friend back to you. Furthermore, you can think about microchipping your dog as one step further towards protection.

Wrapping Up

If you are planning a vacation, do not leave your furry friend behind because this furry coat is brimmed with immeasurable entertainment. Traveling with your pet does not feel intimidating if you start preparations a few weeks before the trip.

With crate training, potty planning, and a feeding schedule, your dog will get the most out of this trip. Moreover, pack the essentials, such as pet health records and a first-hand kit, to avoid any later hassle.

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