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Pet Friendly Travel and Staycations Summer 2022

summer vacation travel with my dog

Pet Friendly Travel and Staycations sound like a lot of fun but involve planning, work and research. Before you embark on an Instagram inspired road trip go through your quick guide on safe pet travel. What should you consider and how to plan your trip. Are you travelling with kids? A holiday with kids and dogs can be challenging if not planned.

Summer is on it’s way and that means a much needed break from school, routine and the heat! But what about Fido? To have an enjoyable vacation you need a couple of things,
a good planner, great company and a comfortable clean accommodation. Luxury is great. But what really sets a vacation apart is time to relax. Unfortunately, the organiser, usually one unfortunate family member usually plays travel agent, packer, organiser and luggage lugger give them a break this year and let us help.

travel during covid

Travel has dramatically changed for human beings. The factors leading to our monumental shift has to do with climate change (lowering our carbon footprint), Covid travel restrictions and responsibilities.
For families who adopted or bought pets during lock down local travel is more appealing.

Answer these few questions to choose the perfect destination

Know your dogs strengths weaknesses and likes, and for your first trip plan a trip that suits their personality
1. Is this pet’s first trip? Then keep it simple and local
2. What breed are you taking on a trip? An explorer, a lazy boi or a swimmer.
3. Are you taking a short nosed dog like a Frenchie on a trip? Avoid high altitude and activity filled days especially in the heat.
4. Do you have a Pandemic puppy or foster? If not socialised choose a quiet location without too many people or other dogs
5. Is your ‘exotic; Husky or chow going on this trip? Choose a cool (read cold) destination

Packing list

Checklist for travels with your pet
1. Vaccine certificates- this may seem unnecessary for local travel but it is always a good idea to have your pets vaccination certificates handy. If your dog gets into a scuffle with another dog or snaps at a person, you must be able to prove your dog is inoculated.
2. Snacks or treats they are used to, even if your destination host is going to provide fresh food the sudden change means your dog may not eat for a day or two.
3. Feeding bowls for food and water, carry your own because that is what your pet it used to

The most important decision you will make on this vacation will be your mode of travel. Ideally when traveling with pets and kids short journeys are the best way to break them in.

The advantages of a road trip are flexibility of schedule. Especially for young dogs who need frequent bathroom breaks road trips are perfect. However, when traveling during summer remember the heat can quickly make a dog sick. If your dog is used to rail or boat journey’s they are also a lovely relaxed way to see new places.

Quick Tips for Dog travel (Do’s & Don’ts) 

  • Do not feed your dog close to travel time. Until they are used to travel (air, rail or road) motion sickness can quickly get them sick 
  • Covid & Lock down dogs may not be well socialised and your first trip keep as quiet and easy going as possible 
  • Keep away from farms and facilities crowded with other animals 
  • Hint start with short local trips, ideally driving distance and a couple of nights 
  • Avoid air travel for a vacation unless it is an extended (think over 6 months) stay 

Pet Holidays in India with Pink Elephant Journeys

The most important decision you will make on this vacation will be your mode of travel. Ideally when traveling with pets and kids short journeys are the best way to break them in. Holiday rentals and hotels recognise families travel extensively with their pets. Find the best fit for your family and pets needs. From advise on mode of travel, to documentation and suggestions on properties Pink Elephant Journeys will work with you 

Among their list of pet friendly stays in Goa as well Mumbai and trips within driving distance Pink Elephant Journeys will tailor travel to  your pets needs 

dog vacation rentals and travel

Here are some basics pet families have found useful on road trips and travels with their pets


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