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Ethical Dog Breeder & other Trending #’s of the Dog World

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Looking for an ethical breeder? #ethicalbreeder because we hashtag everything! A quick Google search returns a little over ten thousand posts on Instagram. Sure in the millions of hashtags and thousands of dog and puppy posts this is a drop in the vast Instagram ocean- but it exists. And that is problem. It’s not much different on other platforms such as TikTok and Twitter.

Ask for an ‘ethical breeder’ on any online platform and you receive the third degree! Some of it justified and some unjustified. There are two types of persons who enquire about breeders-
1. Someone looking for a dog as a distraction/ entertainment- your outrage is justified
2. A new entrant – genuine in wanting to add a dog to their family, and want to go about it “the right way” – your outrage is unjustified.

The prefix ‘ethical’ never legitimises an inexperienced, unqualified person after easy money.

Who is a dog breeder? And why have we vilified a community whom were once the only ‘source’ of our four legged companions. A dog breeder is not a person with a dog, who decides to mate his dog and sell the puppies! That is a back yard breeder. They exist because of a demand. They exist veiled on social media, in your communities and neighbourhoods.

Irresponsible breeders are not representative of generations of breeders dedicated to their breed. Breeders of horses, dogs, cats are vilified and demonised, unfairly in so many instances. Educated, ethical, professional breeders are individuals who work toward the betterment and preservation of a breed. They exist, but are now a rare breed themselves!

It speaks volumes of society the pet community and profession when we are forced to seek out ethical sources.

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The truth about puppies? They’re hard work, cause lack of sleep. You must be on a semi constant vigil. Most assuredly you will step in pee and poo at the most unexpected times in the most unexpected places. Forget a social life for a while. That’s the truth about your new puppy.

Puppies test your patience and gauge your point of surrender. They are marketed as happiness on 4 legs- they are love, hard work and heartbreak. The solution to your loneliness and an eternal source of happiness. marketing is easy when your product is perfect! But is this the case for dogs?

Questions to ask yourself before you bring home a specific breed- it does not matter if you adopt or buy.

  1. Can I afford the breed?
  2. What do i know about the breed
  3. Does the breed suit my lifestyle
  4. Can I afford its medical care
  5. Does the breed have unique characteristics or behaviours ?
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These happy dogs are the result of hours of training, hands on pet care and dedicated pet owners. Good dogs do not just happen- they are made. Ethical dog breeders play a vital role in making your perfect pooch!

Why do so many dogs suffer from genetic disorders? And why is the breeder you buy a pup from responsible for its health? A responsible dog breeder dedicates themselves to a single breed. They learn genetics, breeding techniques, and any health concerns which may be dominant for a breed. A good breeder dedicates to improving a breed not merely producing a sellable puppy. They never breed from dogs with defects (physical or emotional).

We presume by virtue of the fact that an individual is engaged in a profession or business they conduct it with a basic standard of know how and ethics. The lucrative world of dog breeding has brought that into question.

These are the courageous pet owners who highlight the practice of back yard breeders, be kind to them and learn from them- they are brave people owning up to a mistake.

Photo credits: Sergio Souza


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