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Festivities are around the corner – something most of us look forward to. From indulging in those tasty treats to spending those priceless moments with family, Diwali is something that gets us all excited. It was around Diwali, the last week of October to be exact, when we adopted Twix (my elder Lhasa) and it was one of the best Diwali gift I could have asked for.

So, I was extremely new at being a pet owner when I discovered what a traumatic time Diwali was for them. Due to the toxic fumes and the loud bursts of noises Twix wasn’t quite sure what was happening around him and I remember him snuggling under the chair every night, trying to seek protection and comfort where ever he could. He refused to go outside for a walk and was petrified. We, of course gave him all the attention he needed then but it took him a while to over come his fears.

It’s important to remember here that our babies are in fact like babies and we shouldn’t shun them for their fears or push them hard to get over it but in fact be supporting and reassuring till they feel secure.

The succeeding years were better, we knew what to expect, so we made sure he felt secure and protected. But most importantly we started him on some homoeopathic medicines which acted like magic. He seemed much more relaxed and was not startling as much from the loud bombs and crackers.

So, let me share with you a couple of remedies that I found extremely useful for my babies as well as my patients.

  1. Asarum Europaeum
  2. Coffea
  3. Theredion
  4. Antim crude

To decide which one is best suited for your pet its best you consult your Veterinary Homoeopath who can advise you the dosage and repetition.

Here are a couple of extra tips that I found useful……

  1. Try and make your pet as cosy as possible. Give him his favourite toy, put him around fluffy blankets and pillows and make him feel like he’s in the safest hands possible.
  2. Try to distract him by playing games, playing ball which may be a little difficult to get him interested in but will surely help.
  3. Try putting on some calming instrumental music to take away from the loud noise outside.
  4. Cuddle your pet as much as you can
  5. Make sure he’s in close proximity to you, like in the same room or in a way that he can see you around.

I hope this helps some of those parents who just can’t figure how to help their baby enjoy Diwali with them. So, wishing you’ll a Great Diwali and a Prosperous New Year. Cheers.


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