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How to Find the Perfect Puppy

perfect puppy
How do you find the perfect puppy ? The Merlin like magical internet answers any questions you ask. However, you push the limits of a research, educational and entertainment tool when you try to buy a life from a nameless faceless entity.
puppy looking into camera puppy models
Squirt’s first month at home
senior dogs on the lawn
Squirt, 9 years later, a little whiter around the edges, but young at heart!
A puppy or kitten, any pet you choose to bring into your home is a living breathing, life long house dweller. This life long flat mate is an investment of time, money and your heart and shortly to follow your soul.

A few days ago we received this message, one of our readers of “Buy a Puppy Online” took the time to be a responsible person. Someone who is taking the time to read, research and ask questions. What a refreshing change from “do you deliver dogs?” We love to answer questions. If we do not have an answer, or need the help of an expert we ask, never be shy to ask a question, or for help.

Buy pets online
How do you find the perfect puppy? All puppies are perfect, it’s your luck of the draw, you’re either going home with a perfect angel of a perfect devil. Enjoy the ride a puppy takes you on, always memorable and worth the trip.
This little guy shows little or no fear of larger dogs. Learn to recognise false bravado or is he truly fearless? Picking him up because he seems ‘to have spirit’ may land you with a full grown dog with behavioural problems. If this pup was rescued off the street, his history will always be unknown and it takes an experienced person to read and recognise puppy language.

The internet will help you find the perfect puppy, by answering your questions, not getting you alive puppy! You are now the designated Puppy Procurer, for your family. Take this job as seriously as designated driver, lives now depend on your ability to carefully navigate the maze of information and arrive at a safe conclusion.

Puppy Procurers
Sit down, take a piece of paper, and write down these questions. We’re not making this easy for you with ready to print list. Owning a pet is dedication and discipline. Start with a disciplined approach even before a pet enters your front door. Take the time to have a family meeting. Discuss the pros and cons of a puppy in the house.

Answer these 10 questions to find the perfect puppy

  1. Do we want a dog or a distraction?
  2. What size dog do we want and have the space for?
  3. Can we afford a dog? (Food, vet bills, meds, toys, leashes, collars- be specific, break down the cost and check if it fits into your budget.)
  4. How much time do we have?
  5. Who is responsible to walk the dog, exercise, daily grooming routine, feeding
  6. Can you feed your dog fresh food every day?Do you have the time and resources? As they grow they eat, the more they eat the more you cook and costs go up. Think of your kids, as they grew they needed more food, space, clothes, attention and time.
  7. Where will the dog live when you and the family are on vacation?
  8. Is any member of the family allergic to animals? (Make sure you know this before bringing an animal into your home- it is possible to have allergies and live with a pet, it just takes work!)
  9. Are we moving? Our globalised world means packing up and moving across the globe is now easier than ever before. Your pets are not disposable so consider your future plans and if a move out of the country or even within the country is in your future do not bring home a pet.
  10. Are you sure you will outlive the puppy? This is an uncomfortable but a practical question. If you die is your family willing or able to care for your dog, make provisions. Make sure your dog is in your will.

Every puppy is the perfect puppy until they out grow the cute stage and begin to chew on furniture, shoes, homework, presentations. Puppy proofing a home is a lot like baby proofing a home.

How you puppy proof your home is partly dependant on the size of the puppy. If you are bringing home a great dane or a breed which you know will grow tall, begin to “Dane proof” your home from the day he/ she comes home. Low tables, stools and poofs are not only easy access for taller puppies to find unsuitable toys, they double up as mini ladders for them to jump up on and explore.

A new puppy may be the glue that holds a family together. Dogs have a presence which is calming, they heal broken souls and mend many a broken heart. They are not disposable, and never bring a puppy home on impulse. Puppies are hard work, sleepless nights and tantrums so before you bring home a puppy make sure you assess yourself. Do your research the internet is a place to start your research. Now get off your chair and head down to your local shelter and ask them to help you choose your perfect puppy.

Puppies are pee and poo machines
Be willing to clean up, run after and loose sleep for a couple of months!

When looking for a new pup, especially if you have a family member who is sensitive to dog dander, check out these great observations and recommendations from our friends at


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    I need dog puppy

    1. Oliver says:

      The best place to begin is your local shelter. Please visit them and ask the staff there for help. Remember puppies are a lot of hard work! We hope you find the perfect pup for your family

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