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Buy a Puppy Online

How to Buy a Puppy online safely is a question we’ve been asked numerous times. The simple answer is never.

Do you want to open a box and have his face pop out?
Happiness is a click away, delivered to your doorstep!

Ill informed, first time pet owners, exploited by unscrupulous breeders and pet shops, combine to make a lethal combination. Ignorance meets greed and the losers are mercilessly discarded pet cats and dogs.
buy a puppy online safely

Who is a responsible breeder?
Before you buy a puppy, research a responsible breeder. He or she is educated and knowledgeable in matters of breed, genetics, and temperament. They have not googled their knowledge! Please remember when you buy a puppy for your sake and the puppy’s go to a professional. Avoid a self proclaimed expert masquerading as a breeder in pursuit of easy money. Many responsible breeders are often dedicated to a single breed. In other words, they know their dogs well and do not discard them after breeding. They do not cater to a flavour of the month and they will not sell you a puppy easily.

Who are dangerous breeders?
Back yard breeders are not the only villains of the dog and cat breeding world. The lethal breeders are social media stars turned ‘breeder.’ Even if you think you are a responsible breeder, you set a dangerous precedent. It makes you a business person selling a commodity and a back yard breeder. Assisting your dog to deliver a litter and documenting the event online does not make you responsible, it fuels an already saturated market. You are monetising your pet for profit and the outcome of this are countless abandoned pets.

Why should you adopt/buy local?
Puppies are adorable bundles of wagging tales few people can resist! Make sure you do not fall for the first adorable pup you see, unless you are adopting from a shelter. Shelter adoptions are almost always love at first sight. However, when you make the conscious decision to buy it is important to research the breed. Puppies grow rapidly and you may soon be looking at your full grown dog and realise your mistake.
If you consider yourself a pet parent, this perplexed writer wants to know which of your other family numbers you purchased online?

When you Buy a Puppy Online, you buy uncertainty and in most cases regret. The pet community is huge, online and easily accessible, please reach out and contact responsible sources of information. If you are new to the process, contact us, we are happy to help you.


29 thoughts on “Buy a Puppy Online

  1. Smriti Magoo says:

    Looking for male labrador pup, between 30 to 40 days old.

    Need to understand how it works online.

    1. Oliver says:

      Hi Smriti,
      Please do not buy a puppy online, most platforms that offer “discounted or reduced price” dogs are from back yard breeders. If you are going to purchase a puppy, please do it in person, if a breeder does not let you see and interact with the mother, that is a red flag. Many of these dogs are used in puppy mills and abandoned once their use is over.
      Please consider adopting a dog, and yes, breeds are available for adoption, contact the closest dog shelter, or NGO, they will guide you. You can find a countrywide list (India) of shelters and NGO’s.
      Bringing a dog into your family will be a joy, if you follow these few initial steps it makes it easier on all concerned.
      If we can be of any more help, do not hesitate to ask.
      Have a great day!

      1. Aryan Patre says:

        How to choose perfect/healthy Labrador?
        How can we insure quality of puppy

        1. Oliver says:

          Hi, the best way to bring a new dog into your home is to adopt. If you choose to buy a dog, please do not purchase one online. Always meet the mother of the pup, see the conditions in which she is kept and her general health and wellbeing. The health of the mother is crucial to a healthy pup, also ask about the father, and his history. Ask about any hereditary problems – if there are any, the dog should never be bred.
          Never buy a puppy from a person who offers you a bargain or to ship an animal to you. Only go to a reputed registered breeder and go to your local kennel club or association. Ask them for advice.

    2. Oliver says:

      It’s best to visit a shelter or kennel club for advice. Animals should not be bought online, to bring a dog into your home, you need to understand the temperament and traits of the breed. If it is a rescue, you need to understand the needs of the dog. This is best done with shelter staff guiding you to choose the best dog so its a pleasant experience for both of you. After all, its for the rest of the dogs natural life, so a minimum of a decade.

    3. Karthick srisakthi says:

      I want a dog

      1. Oliver says:

        Hi, the best way to bring a dog into your family is to visit your local shelter. Ask them which dogs are up for adoption. Discuss the dogs needs and the time you and your family can spend with the dog. Visit the dog a few times, follow any rules the shelter has on adoption.
        Please do not buy a dog, there are hundreds of dogs waiting for homes.

      2. Oliver says:

        Please check your local animal shelter or NGO, they will have dogs available for adoption.

  2. Pooja says:

    I need a white pomernian male puppy

    1. Oliver says:

      Hi, your nearest dog shelter will help you find a dog that’s right for you!

  3. Raha says:

    Honestly I was just Watching animal videos and looked up ‘dog adoption’ on google and somehow ended up here. Have to say, this article is well written and also made me chuckle a few times, starting from the flow chart till the end.

  4. Megha says:

    I have a shih tzu puppy ,he’s 3months and 16 days old …I’m looking for a friend for him.

    1. Oliver says:

      Please consider adopting, contact your nearest shelter

    2. Sneha gupta says:

      Can u give me im a dog lover nd i can take care him everytime

      1. Oliver says:

        Please start with volunteering at your local shelter, it is the best way to get used to dog handling and understanding dog behaviour. You’ll be surprised how many volunteers find their perfect match in a dog or cat at their local shelter!

    3. Akshara says:

      Where are you from…? Plz tell me

      1. Oliver says:

        We’re based in India

  5. Vijay Kumar says:

    Need golden retriever or labrador male puppy of 40-45 days

    1. Oliver says:

      Please contact your nearest NGO, or dog shelter, they will help you find and adopt a dog that is suited to you and your family

    2. V. B. Naidu. says:

      Yes. I am in need of a petegree Labarador pup, fawn or white male. As a senior citizen I want to be active so these pets would be ideal. Basically I am a pet lover family and had many labs. Pl help to buy one from the correct owner. Thanks. God Bless you.

      1. Oliver says:

        Hi, It’s great as a senior citizen that you want to keep active. However, please keep in mind, labradors are working dogs and require a lot of exercise. If no basic obedience training is done, they can quickly become difficult to handle. Instead of buying, please consider adopting a dog from a shelter. It may be easier for you to adopt an older dog, so the months of intense puppy hood care are over. Your local shelter will be the best place for you to begin. Good luck to finding a dog for your family!

  6. Rakshith says:

    Yes I need it mail me the pic and the cost of

    1. Oliver says:

      Please do not try and buy an animal online, contact your local rescue shelter, they will help you find a dog or cat to suit your home.

  7. Shreya says:

    I want to buy cheap and best dog

    1. Oliver says:

      Thank you for writing to us, there are no ‘best dogs’. Please do not try and bargain shop for a dog, it is always advisable to adopt. The closest dog shelter to you will certainly have dogs for adoption. The staff at the shelter will be happy to help you find the correct dog for you.

  8. Suhani says:

    Finding a golden retriever puppy of age 1 month in cheap price.

    1. Oliver says:

      Hi, please do not try and bargain shop for a dog. A puppy should not be taken away from its litter or mother until it is at least 7-8 weeks old.
      A ‘cheap” golden retriever means a breeder will sell you a dog who most likely develops or is born with hip dysplasia. (A family contacted us last week for a breeder puppy who is now suffering)
      Please visit your closest shelter, there are hundreds of abandoned dogs and puppies who need loving permanent homes. The shelter staff will help you.

  9. Gurpreet kaur says:

    I want Beagle puppy dog

    1. Oliver says:

      Please visit your closest animal shelter and ask for help adopting a dog. Never attempt to purchase a puppy or kitten online.

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