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The Missing Pet Finder, works overtime, because missing pets are missing members of our family. The festival of lights is over and India returns to work and daily routines. For some however, the after math of the noise and cracker fall out is devastatingly real. Lost cats and dogs, both pets and neighbourhood animals. Pet owners, and care takers are still frantically searching for missing and lost animals.

It’ll take you a minute to learn how you can track and trace your animals

The sensible solution to pet care lies in innovation. The Longest safety leash on the planet is a GPS tracker. Can you think of another way to find a pet from clear across the globe?
Tractive is global, international, world wide. What does that mean? You may be travelling in Europe and are able to trace and track your dog in Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai…..

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Tractive is consistently rated one the best Pet trackers globally.



14 thoughts on “Missing Pet Finder- Get Yours

  1. Naba says:

    My cat is lost we lives in Hyderabad
    Can someome help to find my cat i m missing him very much

    1. Oliver says:

      Please post to our Facebook page @oliverpetcare with details (photo, area the cat is missing from, and contact number) we will share the information to help you find your cat.

  2. Partho Mitra says:

    My dog is missing since 03 March 2020 at 10:30 PM from Mahanagar Lucknow. Can anyone help me to find my pet..Name is Snoopy. Age-5 Years. Colour- Black. Breed- Doberman (Female)

    1. Oliver says:

      Please send us details and a photo at [email protected] and we will post is on our page.

  3. Chanda Wankhede says:

    My 6 month old white labrador puppy is missing from 2nd june 2020 around 6 pm from mira road,shanti nagar. HE was taken by someone in a car. The car was from virar

    1. Oliver says:

      Hi, we are sorry to know you’ve lost your dog. If you have the car number or know of any CCTV footage that may be available from a nearby premise please request them to share it with you. You can approach your local police station for help as well as file a missing complaint. Please send us details to share on our facebook page or you may post it yourself.

    2. Prerna says:

      Have you found your pet?

  4. bagwan.nishat92 says:

    My cat is missing from 15 April 2021.. could you please help me in find? My location is 48 Golibar maidan, Phalton Maharashtra India

    1. Oliver says:

      We’re sorry to hear your cat is missing, email us a photo, along with details of a location and we will send you a poster for online and offline use.
      If you think your cat is injured, try looking for him/her around your house, they often hide if injured. Early morning and late night are relatively quieter times of day, try going back to where he/she was lost and calling out his/her name.

  5. ps6090687 says:

    My cat is missing. Please help me getting him back home .

    1. Oliver says:

      Hi, please write to us with details and we will send you a shareable poster, for online and offline use.

      1. ps6090687 says:

        Name : BOB
        Age : 3
        Missing since : 14th April , 2021
        Innocent and Playful
        Last seen : Vikas Nagar , Shimla.

  6. ps6090687 says:

    Name : BOB
    Age : 3
    Missing since : 14th April , 2021
    Innocent and Playful
    Last seen : Vikas Nagar , Shimla.

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