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10 Pet Memorial Ideas That Can Help You Navigate The Death of Your Friend

10 Pet Memorial Ideas That Can Help You Navigate The Death of Your Friend

Our pets are important members of our family. Their impact on our lives is profound, and when they pass, we want to commemorate them. Losing a pet is often hardest on children, and we must work through the stages of grief with them, much like losing a human family member. Creating a memorial is a way of working through the grief of losing a pet – and there is no lack of memorial selections available for you to choose from.

We Love Our Pets – We Honor Our Pets

There are some interesting statistics about pet owners that you may not know about. Did you know that 22% of Americans are attracted to people who treat their pet like a family member? You might not realize how much attention people pay to the treatment of an animal. 10% of Americans even consider their pets to be their best friends. With such an emotional impact on our lives, it is only natural that we would want to commemorate their existence if they were to pass away.

There are hundreds of ways you can remember your pet – some of which are more popular than others. A surge in creating jewelry from the ashes or the pet’s fur has been a popular selection. It is a way of keeping them with you, always.

Let’s explore ten of the best pet memorial ideas that you and your family can do to navigate the death of your furry loved one.

1. Pet Cremation Jewellery

One of the top ways to commemorate your pet is through pet cremation jewelry. Pet cremation jewelry is a wearable celebration of your pet’s life. You can choose from options like pet cremation rings, bracelets, and more. Cremation jewelry features the ashes of your pet incorporated into the jewelry, a keepsake you can keep with you forever.

2. Paw Print Memorial Stone

A paw print memorial stone is one way to commemorate your pet, and it can be used indoors or outdoors. These are made to be waterproof, so if you put them in your garden or on the front porch, you don’t have to worry about them becoming ruined if it rains. You can put any quote you want on it and even the picture of your pet.

3. Pet Memorial Plaque

To keep your pet’s memory prominently displayed in the home, you can create a pet memorial plaque. These plaques often feature your pet’s picture, the name of your pet, and the dates of their life. You can use the plaque to record your favorite memory through a picture and engraving of your choice. These make it easy for your family to have the pet’s memory on display, and they can help with the grieving process.

4. Launch Pet Ashes Into Outer Space

Your love for your pet is out of this world – even if you decide on pet ashes jewelry to commemorate your pet, you can still do something unique with the rest of them, like shooting them into outer space. If you have children, they may find this heartwarming – knowing that their lost pet is now orbiting outer space.

5. Name a Star After Your Pet

Along the same lines as giving your pet an out-of-this-world exit, you could also name a star after your pet. Much like you would name a star after someone you love, you can do this for your pet, too. If you have children, you can prominently display the star information for your children and the rest of the family. You can host a stargazing party to show off the star that is named for your pet.

6. Plush Animal Replica

Recreating your pet that has passed on in plush form is a way to help keep your pet’s memory with your family. Younger children can use the plush animal to talk to their pet, which helps through the grieving process. Plush animal replicas can be made to look exactly like your lost pet – which is exactly what many people need when trying to move on. It can also help encourage memories when your children get older and want to talk about their lost pet.

7. Photo Urn

A framed photo urn creates a dual purpose – it holds your pet’s ashes and allows your pet’s photo to be prominently displayed. These unique frames do not look like a traditional urn, and in most cases, your family will be the only one who knows that it holds your pet’s ashes. From an outsider’s perspective, it will just look like a framed picture of your pet with its name engraved on it.

8. Shadow Box

A shadow box is a unique way to display memories of your pet. You can put just about anything in a shadow box. Things like a picture, your pet’s collar, and other memorabilia can be put inside the box and displayed just about wherever you want. Keep your pet’s memory on display – and everything you love about them all in one location. Create beautiful pet cremation jewelry and display it in your shadow box.

9. Coffee Mug

If your pet was a major part of your morning routine, you might want to consider a way to incorporate their memory into your morning routine. If you are a cup-of-coffee-when-you-get-up kind of person, having your pet’s memory emblazoned on your coffee cup might be a great way to keep them with you. You can have just about anything put on a coffee cup, and even if you don’t drink out of it, you can have it sitting on display. These don’t take up much room, so you won’t have to worry about finding a lot of shelf space.

10. Commemorative Pet Tattoo

For some people, pets are more than just a friend; they are family. If your pet is your family, you may want to commemorate them in a more permanent way than some of these other methods – like through tattooing. Many pet owners will do this, even before the death of their beloved pet. Artwork is one way to express yourself, your personality, and the influence your pet has on your life. Much like we do for our children, we do it for our furry children, too.

Keeping Your Pet’s Memory Alive

No matter how you choose to remember your pet, through cremation pet jewellery or a tattoo, the bottom line is finding a way that helps you through the loss process. Not only do you have to work through your grief, but other family members may need to as well. Some of the methods to memorialize your pet are catered toward children, while others are more for adults – there is no lack of imagination when it comes to keeping the spirit of your pet alive. So, if you find yourself mourning the loss of your pet, know that there is a way to keep them with you always. Share the good times. The chewed-up shoes, the scratches, and everything that made your pet’s life intertwine with yours – at the forefront of your mind, your sight, and your heart. Your pet will thank you.

Pet memorials are a way of keeping your pets memory in physical form. They forever hold in each of our hearts and homes.


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