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Pet Parents on Facebook

Facebook posts in groups

Where do we start? At the beginning, scrolling Facebook this swiftly puts an end to mouse activity. ‘Pet Parents’ will be the recipient of this dog. Pet parents, who have no interest in knowing how the dog got to them. We must also address the ‘urgency” dogs are not Amazon Prime delivery listings. There is no assembly line of puppies, waiting for impatient buyers.

If you want to know why we have an explosion of ill bred, unhealthy young dogs. This is your answer. Bargain hunting. Pet Parents on Facebook turned bargain hunters fuel an industry of back yard breeders, who are now brazenly, publicly comfortable shopping for animals on an open forum.

Let’s get to the “good quality cheap price” oxymoron. Quality comes with a price tag. Quality puppies, kittens, people…. are products of patience, education and understanding. They are not bargains, or on demand products. Any pet service which offers you an unbelievable bargain does so at the peril of your animals safety.

Pet Parents and social media, we continue to call them out for the negative role they play in the pet industry. The pop up businesses riding the pet wave, some slick, others like the individual above not so slick.

On the flip side, social media plays an invaluable role in connecting pet parents and communities across the globe. The democratic exchange of information, educational opportunities and exchange of ideas, would be impossible without technology and networks. Pet Parents on Facebook, connect and share information and ideas bettering the lives of pets everywhere.

When you “shop” around, this is how your product is sourced. So do yourself, your pets, and potential pets a favour. Deal with professionals individuals who are not tripping over themselves to offer you bargains. Deal only with people, products and services who know their worth!


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