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Plastic Toys and Dogs

waste & climate change
plastic waste bottles
Stray/ homeless animals have long suffered the consequences of irresponsible consumerism

Plastic waste in the form of bottles, bags, packaging… often ends up in the stomachs of homeless animals.

Reposting Greta Thunberg protests, is not action against climate change or irresponsible consumerism. Educate yourself and the next generation. Cut your carbon footprint. Start simple, ditch bottled water. Think about it- why are you buying a free naturally occurring commodity?

This is a street dog, he does not have toys, he improvises. He found this plastic bottle and it came a temporary chew toy. Particles of plastic are quite likely to end up in his digestive tract. If you are outraged about kilograms of plastic bags removed from the stomachs of stray cows, add dogs to your list.

What are the dangers of plastic?
Plastic can cause blockages in the intestinal tract
Chunks of plastic from a bottle like the one you see above may break off and choke the dog.
We must remind you about the dangers of plastic particle in an animals gut. Remember plastic behaves the same on land, sea, and in guts- it does not break down!
(That’s why you won’t see plastic toys @oliverpetcare )


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