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The Horrid Dog Tick

Ticks on dogs

These horrid creatures a.k.a Ticks, flourish in hot humid conditions. So the monsoon is when you need to check stringently for tick infestations. An infestation puts your dog at risk. Ticks may cause fever, kidney failure, anaemia, blood loss, tick fever or paralysis.

Tick check spots and routine
1. Make sure a tick check is done after every walk.
2. If your dog is a fluffy puppy run your fingers through the coat. Stop at problem spots (between the shoulder blades, under the collar, base of the tail, arm pits)
3. Check between the paws, ticks love to hide in the webbing
4. Check ears and ear flaps

Dog ear with ticks
If this scares you, it is intended to, a few ticks can multiply rapidly.
Not only do ticks pose a threat to your dog, they can infest your house.

A tiny tick can take down a mighty dog. This is a skeletal approach to tick prevention. Common sense measures include a daily check, grooming, and bathing schedule. There are some fantastic tick prevention products which are tough on ticks but not on your dog.


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